Robert H. Ballard

  • Gender: Male
  • Born on: February 18

Recent Activities

  • Robert H. Ballard
    R.H. Ballard Shop & Gallery started 24 years ago, inspired by the love for art, French design, and Home décor. Their shops are situated in Little Washington and Blue Ridge Mts. in Virginia and have amazing European designs, unique art, and home décor products. Tasteful merchandise such as French linen, gourmet food items, home décor products, vintage items, fine art, rugs, men's and women's accessories, and much more is available here. Visit this renowned gift shop and gallery or their...  more
    French Tablecloths | Rug & Art Gallery | R.H Ballard Shop & Gallery
    Get high-quality French tablecloths, towels, vintage collection items, fluted vases, tray collection, spa and bubble-bath products, and much more....