Seven ( 7 ) most common dreams and their meanings




Every night during slumber, most of the individual have around five dream periods, which can last either for 15 or 40 minutes. Did you know that? Well, the dream experts expand on the fact that our dreams reflect the major arrays of human actions. They reveal who we are, and what we want and what all we have faith in.

Have you ever pondered what exactly your dreams signify? Do you really think that there is some correlation between your dreams and the reality? Want to unravel the unconscious mind’s ciphers and find clarity? Scroll down to know what I mean:

The implications of the most common dreams

The implications of the most common dreams that tend to appear time and again are not black and white. Dream’s secret messages are presented in an emblematic manner. So when you are figuring out what your dreams mean, your unconscious mind will not let you make it out as it is the job of your conscious mind to understand.

To get you discerning symbolically, we’ve looked at some most common dreams and their probable hidden meanings:

Waterfall dreams

If you see the waterfall in your dream, then that really have a good implication. It signifies that new beginnings are on the way and the old events will soon be fading out of your life.

Dreaming about death or dying

Dreaming about death or dying is not evil as it seems like. Demise is related to transformation. So dreaming about passing away actually indicates that there will soon be the culmination of something (either any relationship that you holding back strongly or maybe some addictive habit) and that new beginnings are about to come for you. It can even mean that there will be some big changeover in your emotions is in store .

Dreaming about money

Many times, we tend to see a dream about receiving money or finding a huge amount of money. Well, usually people have dreams about winning a lottery and that in the point of fact means that you will be making some desired changed in your lifestyle that will be definitely good for you. In contrast, if you dream that you are giving out some money to someone that indicates that you have the fear of losing something.

Dreaming about fire

There are many things that can have different implications depending on the circumstances in the dream. One of those instances is fire. If you dream that you are lighting a fire that connotes that you have bottled-up wrath. If you dream about frolicking with the fire that signifies that on your path where you will come face to face with some risky or dangerous situation. If you dream about looking at the fire which is lit at distant place, then it indicates upcoming transition and some desire.

Dreaming about house

If you have dreams of houses then they are connected to you and the different characters of your personality. House is signifying your mind and the house is a symbol of safe haven and well-being.

If you dream is about top storey it denotes some veiled memoirs while dreaming about subterranean vault means unconscious mind and sixth sense.

Dreaming about flying

This is the most common dreams that most of us must have dreamt about, that is flying. You must have thought every time waking up- how could this be possible ever? Why such a weird dream? Well, having a dream about flying means that you will set yourself free from something that is stressing you out lately (be any situation or maybe a person) or that you will be successful in accomplishing your desired goal.

Dreaming about teeth

Just the way we usually see the dreams of fire in similar lines another dream that comes every now and then about teeth. Oh God!! I used to dream about teeth and used to feel scared to see broken tooth.

Well, it can have different implications depending on the circumstances in the dreams. If you dream about the falling of teeth then (this one I was talking about) it means that you will deal with new state of affairs that will be quite nerve-wracking for you like fear of losing something, a new job, veiled deceptions or dearth of command in your relationship.

If you dream about having terrible teeth it implies angst and distress. And if you have a dream about tugging of teeth it means that there is something that will soon come to light.

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Seven ( 7 ) most common dreams and their meanings

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