Pia Wurtzbach admits relationship with Marlon Stockinger

After months of speculations and several photos of their romantic moments together, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach finally confirmed her relationship with race car driver Marlon Stockinger.

Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger (Instagram) /mb.com.ph

“We are together,” Pia said in an interview with ABS-CBN’s Dyan Castillejo on Jan. 16.

It was in September when rumors started that Pia and Marlon were dating after they posted photos of themselves together on their respective social media accounts. Marlon then admitted in October that he and Pia are “seeing each other” but they wanted to keep it low key. The couple also celebrated the New Year together in Hawaii and posted photos of their sweet getaway on their social media accounts.

Pia, who was previously linked with “Sexiest Doctor Alive” Mikhail Varshavski, only has good words for Marlon.

“I’m glad that I finally met somebody who is very secure of himself, understands my job and who’s not afraid who let me have this moments such as right now that the competition is happening here. He’s very understanding and we get along. I’m very happy,” she said.

The two have many things in common. Pia and Marlon both have mixed bloods. Marlon is half-Swiss, while Pia is half-German.

“I also love the fact that he’s Filipino and that he’s also a Catholic,” she said.

Marlon’s sense of humor also attracts Pia. She also feels comfortable being herself around him.

“He’s very funny. He always makes me laugh. Hindi pilit yung dahil gusto mo siya, natatawa ka lang. May ganoon eh, couple kayo, alam mong baduy pero matatawa ka. Pero sa kanya, genuine. He knows a lot about me that I shouldn’t be telling other people but he’s cool with it,” she said.

Not only did Marlon win Pia’s approval but the Miss Universe Organization, as well.

“Esther (Swan) approves. That’s the number one thing. Paula (Shugart) likes him, Esther likes him, the Miss Universe Organization likes him, so that’s a huge relief on my part so I don’t have to worry,” she said.

When their dating news broke out last year, Pia previously lamented online how her advocacies seem to not be getting more media attention. Pia is currently in the country for the pre-pageant activities and coronation of the 2016 Miss Universe to be held in MOA Arena on Jan. 30.


Via: Manila Bulletin

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Pia Wurtzbach admits relationship with Marlon Stockinger

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