How to tell if the phone has been "hacked"

How to tell if the phone has been "hacked"


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  • 1. On-line monitoring: This method cannot be detected by any anti-monitoring technology. It is a national monitoring technology and is suitable for any monitoring method (landline phone monitoring, mobile phone monitoring). Are you a commercial spy? If not, this type of monitoring technique It will not be used on you.

    2. Digital GSM signal blocker: This type of monitoring equipment is mostly used by professional forensic monitoring personnel such as commercial spies. The application range covers a wide range, including: specific number lock monitoring, interception of calls, text messages, audio lock (it is useless to change the number because the speaking audio is locked), scan call content in a specific area... and many other monitoring functions. No monitoring technology can detect it.

    3. Spy satellite monitoring: military-level monitoring methods of specific countries, powerful, mostly used in national security systems, and no anti-monitoring equipment can detect it.

    4. Monitor mobile phones: The monitoring tools currently available to the general public include two methods: implanted chip and implanted software. The implanted software is different from the previous chip monitoring technology. It does not leave any data in the mobile phone and is installed quickly. , Powerful function, no ringing or vibration during monitoring, current anti-monitoring equipment cannot detect it effectively.

    There are serious security problems in public wifi, and the security of the network has been severely attacked by hackers. There have been many crimes using wireless networks. Faced with such threats, you may need wireless signal jammer devices to protect your information.

    Bluetooth jammer blocker

    Both WiFi and Bluetooth use the 2.4GHz frequency band for indoor tracking, which means that someone can learn your indoor location through hot spot location triangulation, similar to mobile phone tracking. Hackers can obtain your confidential information through the Internet, thereby violating your privacy. The jammer purchase store provides you with many wireless signal jammers that can help you protect your data privacy.

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