We firmly believe that almost everyone should have a mobile phone jammer

We firmly believe that almost everyone should have a mobile phone jammer


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  • Nowadays, mobile phones have a huge impact on everyone on this planet. They are considered a large and increasingly popular method of communication used by more than one billion people worldwide. The popularity of mobile phones and smart phones brings not only advantages but also disadvantages to people who use these devices. Therefore, we firmly believe that almost everyone should have a mobile phone jammer, which is an essential necessity in daily life.

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    Large exam venues, prisons, movie theaters, churches, etc. all need jammers to maintain order and quiet on site.

    Callers on trains and buses have become increasingly rude and rude. They think that they can do what they want without suffering consequences. Well, turn them off with a GSM jammer. They will look around for directions, trying to figure out the reason why the phone has no signal bar. Perhaps this is the price they have to pay when they speak loudly on the bus and annoy others who have to go to work in the morning.

    The stronger the mobile phone signal in a certain location, the smaller the working range of the interfering device. Therefore, it is recommended to check the reception of the mobile phone in advance in areas where the interference source needs to cause interference. This will determine the output power of the jammer you will need.

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    The three main factors for using a mobile phone jammer are: output power, antenna type and cooling system.

    Although there is a strong cell phone signal at a certain location, all three factors have a huge impact on its interference range, overall performance and durability. For example, the performance of a signal blocker with a total power of 8W cannot be as good as a device with a total power of 15W. Directional antennas provide a larger interference radius because they concentrate all output power in one direction, while omnidirectional antennas provide 360° coverage, resulting in a narrower range, even if every meter is counted. Not too big. In addition, the advanced cooling fan prevents the jammer from overheating, thereby making the jammer longer in terms of performance and service life.

    Law enforcement personnel and agencies will use this powerful force, and the jammers used by these forces have a longer interference distance. Some government agencies can create dead zones, and the distance between these dead zones is achieved by powerful jammers.

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