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Aotearoa Surf School was founded in 2002 and was one of the founding surf schools in New Zealand. Aotearoa Surf is owned and operated by Che, a local surfer who has a devotion for all things related to the ocean. He has a passionate, experienced and qualified team of instructors from the local area who pride themselves on giving everyone the best experience and memories as possible.

The new surfers need to know a lot of information about water surfing and water surfing destinations. Like any other water sport, water surfing also needs certain conditions to be met for giving you the best surfing experience. Not all places are right for a yoga Womens Retreats NZ, especially for the new surfers. Ocean water surfing is the most popular water surfing which is seen, but there are many people who even surf over the still waters of lakes and rivers. It is unsafe for the new surfers to try out water surfing at the high tide beaches. It could be really dangerous if they do not know about the beaches they are surfing.

NZ offers a different perspective on the sport. Wake boarding and wind surfing NZ are some of the popular activities that you can enjoy yourself with in our waters & it is one of the prime spots for you to do this. Over the years, the facilities on the island have burgeoned to the point where families and sports enthusiasts can do whatever they want, including surfing. This brings me to the whole point of this article. It isn’t the haven of experts, this is the smooth and svelte user friendly island for the entire family. Rental of wake boards are available at almost all the major beaches all over.

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