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Aotearoa is determined to help the environment through the use of eco-friendly products (e.g. sunscreen and wax), regular beach clean ups and the education of New Zealand’s youth on the importance and how to respect the natural environment. We have an AMAZING team of mixed ages and backgrounds here at Aotearoa Auckland Surf. Each of our staff are responsible and dedicated to supplying our customers with high quality, safe and fun lessons for all ages and abilites. We always on the hunt for qualified, professional and dedicated staff. if you are a motivated, organised, team player with an upbeat manner who enjoys working with kids and adults of all abilities – we want to hear from you. 

Forestry is a beach break and can act like a left- hand point break that is good for all levels of surfer. Forestry is popular because it allows the ability to walk your pups! It’s the perfect spot for those wanting a little privacy. We regularly swap between Forestry and Te Arai for our surf lessons. Langs Beach is a picturesque beach, perfect for a swim, walk or relax under the Pohutukawa trees. It offers the smallest wave of all beaches, is spotlessly clean and has a growing residential population. Langs needs some big swell to get into the bay, and it’s very sheltered from the wind?.

Surfboard surfboards are available in a variety of kinds, created of substance like fiberglass and also with epoxy; nonetheless the most typical substance for building it is fiberglass that may possibly be coated round the inside of your surfboard. In earlier times the surf boards were made of wood which is a lot heavier and difficult to negotiate. The fiberglass boards with its flexibility found better attraction with the surfers. The inside is usually built in foam. It aids in easily gaining self-assurance and is as a result favored for use by novices from the veterans however they may well not have the classic style of the shorter skateboards. Surfboard surfboards from a surf shop may be absolutely a superb buy for those who are crazy about the sport and would want to surf for many years.

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