How to remove the existing refrigerator water filter

Just like replacing the water filter model, their removal method varies from brand to brand. Don't discard the old filter until you are sure that the new filter is suitable! If your new filter does not work, you may need to put the old filter back in place until you find the correct water filter.

There are three different types of refrigerator water filters. See which one suits you.

In-line filters are usually found in older refrigerator models and connected to the water line. Replacing the built-in refrigerator water filter is a process because you need to turn off the water source and perform some steps. Find an in-depth tutorial here.

The screw-in filter is usually located on the back of the refrigerator. You can release them by turning them to the left. You may need to twist a bit to get them.

The push-in filter is built into your refrigerator and can be installed on the grill or inside the appliance. These usually have a release button and a cover that should be removed before installation.

If you really cannot remove the original water filter from the refrigerator, please call a professional to help you. You don't want to use too much force to damage your appliances!
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