Water ring vacuum pump helps you choose the most suitable motor

Water ring vacuum pump, in the motor matching, we are corresponding matching! In the motor industry, Nanyang explosion-proof Group Co., Ltd. and Jiamusi Motor Co., Ltd. are the biggest brands. The motor matched with fozhen is basically Wannan motor. Haishengda Road Materials Co., Ltd. purchased 2be1303a water ring vacuum unit, and Nanyang motor was selected by the company. However, due to the motor problem, the production time was delayed again.
Why do many enterprises choose EVP?
Why do many enterprises choose EVP water ring vacuum pump many times? There is a saying: there is a priority in hearing about Taoism, and there is a specialty in art. Whether it is the choice of water ring vacuum pump or motor, we will not choose blindly. For each customer of each industry, match the water ring vacuum pump belonging to their own enterprise, so as to make the effect reach the acme.
Best selling 2be water ring vacuum pump
Many people are asking fozhen, what's the difference between your 2be and 2BV water ring vacuum pumps? EVP's 2be is optimized and improved on the basis of 2BV. After many internal details are improved, it has long service life and high efficiency, which makes many customers choose 2be.

Large refineries choose water ring vacuum pumps

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