What micromotor knowledge you don't know?(2)

The main parameters of the product
The performance of various micro motors is quite different, and the main performance parameters cannot be uniformly indicated. Generally speaking, the mechanical equipment used to drive the equipment emphasizes the speed index value during operation and startup; the power, waveform and reliability of the switching power supply must be considered; the micro-motor for operation focuses on the static data and dynamic performance. The main parameters of the characteristics. The main parameters of the first two categories of motors are similar to those of general motors.
Characteristics at work
Commonly expressed by the correlation between cardiac output and output, or between one cardiac output and another cardiac output. In terms of operating regulations, static data characteristic curves should be continuous, smooth, and without sudden changes; dynamic characteristics are usually expressed by frequency curves or response curves. The frequency graph should be stable without sudden jumps and oscillation points; the response graph should converge quickly.
The size of the cardiac output that matches the input data signal of the company. Generally, expressions such as specific torque, specific electromotive force, and amplification factor are common.
Under certain input standards, the error between the specific value of the output data signal and the standard deviation means the precision of the micromotor, and the common deviation size expression.
Characteristic impedance or resistor
In the system software, the input and output impedance of the micro-motor should be paired with the relative power supply circuit, in order to ensure the operation performance and precision.
Not only are the special requirements of the operating micro-motors, but also the drive micro-motors and switching power supply micro-motors. The main parameters such as common service life, failure rate, reliability and average time without problem qualitatively analyze the reliability of the operation of the micromotor.
Manufacturing industry characteristics
Micro motor refers to a motor with a diameter less than 16b250m or a maximum power less than 75b250W or with unique performance and unique main purpose. Micro motors are a combination of motors, electronic optics,
The high-tech manufacturing industry with multiple refrigerator courses such as power electronics technology, electronic computers, automatic control systems, precision machinery and equipment, new materials, etc., especially the application of electronic information technology and new decoration material technology has promoted the technological development of micro-motors.
There are many types of micro motors (up to more than 5000 kinds), complex specifications and models, and the main uses in the sales market are very common. They involve various fields such as social economy, national defense security weapons and equipment, and people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. However, micro motors can be seen in places where electric drives are necessary. Motor.
There are many manufacturing processes for micro-motors, involving precision machinery and equipment, biochemical, ultrafine particle production and processing, magnetic raw material solution, winding manufacturing, insulation layer solution and other production processes. The necessary processing technology is large in total and high precision. In order to ensure the quality of the product, a series of high-precision testing equipment is required, which is a very investment-oriented manufacturing industry.
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