Automatic screw machine and intelligent robot deceleration motor

The deceleration motor of the automatic screw machine is an automatic equipment used to replace the manual operation of the screw on the fully automated machinery and equipment. Since the automatic screw machine must be used for speed reduction and torque, the automatic screw machine and the deceleration The close connection of motors promotes the production of auto parts. A series of products such as computers, display screens, mobile phones, copiers, etc. can solve labor, which not only saves costs, but also improves work efficiency and reduces human factors.
Application characteristics of reduction motor of automatic screw machine:
1. The decelerating motor of the automatic screw machine can make the production and manufacturing efficiency high and run in large quantities without being restricted by time and indoor space.
2. High reliability. If maintenance and inspection are performed regularly, problems will not easily occur, and the production capacity will be maintained for a long time.
3. The level of the intelligent system is high. The decelerating motor of the automatic screw machine can control the operating speed, and the intelligent system of the whole line is actually operated.
The scope of application of the reduction motor of the automatic screw machine:
The geared motor of the automatic screw machine can generally be used in the packaging of mobile phone cases, the production and processing of TV power adapters, the assembly of electronic equipment, the patchwork of small and medium-sized electrical products, the assembly of wireless routers, the assembly line of the automobile manufacturing industry, and the reduction motor of automatic screw The automatic screwing machine can be automatically installed, automatically inspect the products that fail to pass, and automatically inspect the alarm.
Advantages of the reduction motor of the automatic screw machine:
1. Save cost. Once the automatic screw machine is equipped with a decelerating motor, a single person can actually operate it, which reduces the cost of a lot of people.
2. High efficiency, fully automated operation, will not be harmed by space and time.
The deceleration motor of the intelligent robot is the practical application of the deceleration motor product. The deceleration motor used in the intelligent robot has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and fast speed, easy to use, low vibration and noise, and long service life.
The intelligent robot deceleration motor adopts the overall design of the deceleration motor of the gearbox. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, the volume is suitable, the weight is light, and the torque is large.
The range of intelligent robot gear motor transmission ratio:
Output torque:
The primary transmission is: 345810
The secondary transmission is: 9121516202532405064
The three-stage transmission is: 6080100120160200320512
The intelligent robot gear motor is a kind of transmission machinery and equipment. The structure is very similar to the general gear motor. The gear reducer is easy to use, low cost, and has a long service life. It is divided into metal material gear box gear motor and plastic gear box gear motor.
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