Movies - Who says you need cinemas? Cathy Carter's 6 Best TV Movies

The best TV movies seem to happen by accident. It's sad to see soulless TV movies exist just to spend an allotted budget. Some of the best TV movies had such an impact that they not only achieved cult status but also cemented a brand that still exists today.

One of the best TV movies of all time, The Storm of the Century (1999)

Originally divided into three volumes, this book is probably one of the best Stephen King has ever adopted, with the exception of The Shining, Room 1408, The Green Miracle, and Gerald's Game.

The looming atmosphere is beautifully crafted, and the subtle, terrifying creatures that control the town are truly a work of genius that no one has ever surpassed (though many have tried). What defense does this poor town have against a demon who knows their worst secrets?

No. 2 :A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Well, maybe the movie isn't popular right now, like one of the best TV movies ever made. Your kids will probably want SpongeBob SquarePants first before they want Charlie, but the truth is that this is a moving movie full of beloved characters that don't have the budget of a Disney movie, but it's still a movie to watch.

You'll still love dogs that eat bones like cookies, and a sloppy sty makes a sloppy snowman. It's made for TV and movies, not nostalgia to warm your soul.

No.3 :Doctor Who movies (choose one)

The Doctor Who series is considered by some to be the best TV movie of all time. Doctor Who has been popular since 1963 and made a comeback as a TV series in 2005.

The movies of the old series are very popular and there are still a lot of people online discussing which ones are the best, therefore, you can choose your own work as the third place on the list and watch it anytime and anywhere through the IPTV provider.

No. 4 : "A Christmas From A Marionette Family" (1987)

Before you wrap up the comments section, we all know that "A Muppets Christmas Carol" is probably the best Christmas movie ever made (aside from "Die Hard"), but "A Muppets Christmas Carol" is a Hollywood movie.

The best TV movie to feature the Muppets is Muppets Christmas, which contains all the original sounds and still has the "Can you believe this nonsense? It still held true in the '80s, until it was parodied by the crowd in 2000 and beyond.

No.5 :The Duel (1971)

Before Steven Spielberg entered Hollywood, he tried his technique in this film. It's not as exciting as what we now expect from movies, but it doesn't bother us that "suspense" means a good movie either.

To be fair, nothing much happens in this movie, but it's more than happens in modern movies like Babaduke and Prometheus. One can summarize these movies by saying "(nothing happened + time = those movies". At least Duel knows how to handle tension, even without crashed spaceships or the Incredible Hulk.

No. 6:IT (1990)

The movie was originally a miniseries, pieced together when it was released on DVD, but it's not as good as you remember, but time proves that if you take the concept to executives these days, it will get the Hollywood treatment (as it did in 2017). It has achieved cult status, so it has earned a place as one of the best TV movies ever made.

Final Idea

There should be more TV movies listed here.

They should make better Twilight Zone movies, Bunker Tales movies, Horror Show movies, Power Rangers movies, etc. The problem with TV movies is that their budgets are usually so low that their great movies are often luck.

Sadly, too many low-budget direct-to-television movies fail to show the integrity of their original material. However, the best TV movies that hit the target always have a place in our hearts.

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