Put Towels Under The Door

Im meant to be flying to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.London: People watched in horror as neighbours found themselves trapped or in desperation leapt to their doom as flames raced through the stricken Grenfell Tower. "My neighbour's smoke alarm went off and I thought he might have done some cooking," he said, giving only his first name of Eddie, 55.""Then on the ground there was a fireman, he touched my leg and pulled me into where the fire stairwell was. I run out into the hallway, close the door behind me and ran for where I thought the fire exit was. I just ran down the stairs.The last time Hanan Wahabi saw her brother was when he and his family waved to her from their home in an upper floor after she had safely left the blazing building.
He said he was going to come.Another survivor at the community centre, wearing shorts, a T-shirts and trainers and with a blanket draped around his shoulders, said he saved his own life with just moments to spare." After the family escaped, she called her brother, who lives on the 21st floor, to see if he was all right. You couldn't see anything." Two eyewitnesses told the Press # Association news agency they saw children dropped by their parents into the arms of people on the ground. I didn't find it. "Loads of people haven't got out of the building."I could see there was ash coming through the window in the living room, which was partially open," she told, sitting with her husband and son 16, and daughter 8, outside a local community centre. "I literally just heard screaming, I saw people jumping out of their windows, the building was China Semi Rigid Hoses Manufacturers literally on fire, the ambulances, the police.  "When you live around here, you know people. Then two seconds later my neighbour called and said, 'Get the fuck out the building'!" "I went into the bathroom and I got the towel and wet it and wrapped it around my head. Then I called him and he said there was too much smoke."The last time I saw him they were waving out the window, his wife and children. "He said he had been told to stay inside, stay in one room together and put towels under the door. That was about 2:00am. I told him to leave. "I slammed the window shut and got out. It was a matter of life and death I thought, 'If I'm in this for another five seconds, I'm a goner'. "I looked out and I could see the fire travelling up the block. And to stand helpless watching the fire and counting the floors, and thinking, 'Who lives on that floor? Who lives on that one?' Most of the people I know lived higher than the 10th floor."Abdul Hamid, 51, lives on the 16th floor lost everything he owned but counted himself lucky to be alive. Amanda Fernandez, 31, was evacuated from a different part of the housing estate.
There wasn't that many people on the stairs. It was literally by my window," she said. Khadejah Miller, who was evacuated from her home nearby, recounted a night of horor. "I have nothing.One said a baby was dropped from the ninth or 10th floor, another that she saw a five-year-old boy dropped from a fifth or sixth floor window.". The last time I spoke to his wife, he was on the phone to the fire brigade. It was horrendous," she said. Now I'm homeless. Wahabi, 39, who lives on the ninth floor of the 27-storey Grenfell Tower, said she was awoken by smoke at around 1:00am on Wednesday."I was in bed and I heard people shout fire, fire, I opened my door and loads of smoke came in. My passport was in there it's gone. I've not heard from them since, the phone is not going through, the landline isn't going through."The fire hadn't reached the top of the block at that point," Wahabi said." Others reported seeing mobile phone lights and white cloths, and hearing screams for help from the windows, as the flame rose through the building at astonishing speed
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