Causes Of Sparks In Micro Motors And Solutions(2)

Everyone will pay attention to these problems in the actual operation and application in the future, and try to minimize errors in the actual operation. For micro motors, the necessity of their raw materials must be mastered. We must pay attention to this when purchasing equipment. This will immediately endanger the application performance of the equipment. The following Sunli motor will provide Let's explain it in detail, and look forward to your assistance.
1. Ensure that there is sufficient air gap magnetic density in the motor air gap and the required motor performance index value.
2. The motor performance is stable under the required natural environment standards, temperature standards and application standards.
3. Magnets must have excellent mechanical equipment performance to facilitate production, processing and installation.
4. In addition, it must be reasonable.
5. Try to choose a magnet tile with a large magnetic energy product as much as possible.
6. Select the Br value of the magnet according to the hazard to the performance of the micro motor.
According to the detailed introduction above, I firmly believe that everyone also understands the professional knowledge of the selection of permanent ferrites for micro motors. When buying equipment in the future, everyone can refer to the content detailed in the article. Good permanent ferrites Not only can the performance of the motor be greatly improved, but also the economic development can be more convenient. In order to obtain better application performance during the entire application process of micromotors, the actual operation of magnetization is generally carried out on them. In the entire process of magnetization, there are some common problems that must be paid special attention to. The situation of the application equipment Next, pay attention to the flexible use of magnetization. Below, Shunli Motor will introduce to everyone what the magnetization regulations are.
The different main uses of rare earth permanent magnet micromotors require different performance. The different performance lies in the main parameters of the electromagnetic induction structure inside the motor. At the level of the main magnetic parameters, it is stipulated that there are different air gap electromagnetic fields all over. The rare earth permanent magnet micro motor used in pure load rate drives has higher power and high efficiency. Therefore, the internal air gap electromagnetic field of this type of micro motor should be used with a sloped roof equal to or slightly more than 2/3 of the pole pitch. Wave, and then show the largest possible magnetic flux, so that the motor has a large electromagnetic induction torque. Another example is the use of small vibration, low noise, small flames, but the power and high efficiency requirements are not too high, the internal air gap electromagnetic field should be used for slope roof waves or sinusoidal waveforms less than 1/3 of the pole pitch. , To ensure the acceptability of this type of motor. To obtain a different air-gap electromagnetic field wave pattern, it is not only related to the effective design of the magnetic field structure and the magnetic tendency of the selected magnetic field, but also related to the magnetic field magnetization method, that is, the technical design plan of magnetization.
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