The God you select will be their emblem that appears in your robes

The God you select will be their emblem that appears in your robes. Having said that, they each give some kind of combat bonus. If you choose the Saradomin emblem, you are prayer will drain slower. In the event you choose Guthix, your Wind Blast, Water Resistant, and Earth Blast will receive extra damage bonuses to OSRS Gold them. If you decide on Zamarock, you're Attack is going to receive extra damage bonuses and your Fire Blast will also be given additional damage bonuses. And finally, if you decide on Bandos, you are defence is going to be raised by 30%! Additionally, but your tide spells will be given extra damage bonuses.

Well, I hope you like these thoughts, and if you do, then I'd appreciate you posting that you simply do. Or, if you've got some critisism that will help, it's likewise appreciated. And a thanks to you in the event that you've read ALL of this.

I have looked through Sal's Suggestions Forum along with the official RuneScape Suggestions Forum, also haven't seen this suggested. Even though it has not been officially suggested, I'm sure it's been lingering in the minds of players. Clan Wars. Pretty cool.

However, what is the purpose of it? That's not that great. So what, you get some xp and Buy RS 3 Gold then you simply get a screen saying you are the victor, who cares? How can we make this match more... enjoyable? Well why don't we add a Staking feature?! It would work similar to the Duel Arena.
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