Claude Monet the greatest French painter

Claude Monet the greatest French painter iswell known for starting the Impressionist art movement in the NineteenthCentury along with Hot and Cold Water Cooler  other famous artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir and CamillePissaro. Monet was bored and felt trapped in the classical art limits and thushe moved to Paris in search for a new avenue in oil painting.

Claude Monet began painting open-air withhis unique style and pattern of brushes which was most uncommon during thosedays. Thereby he started to create many oil paintings on the backdrop of hisgarden and out them the most famous of Claude Monet’s art painting is WaterLilies. This was created in a garden which was very easily accessible to Monetthat he began to study the effect of light on these Water Lillie at differenttimes of the day. 

Thus the purple shadesand striking flowers in the painting makes it a perfect choice for peoplelooking for wall art to decorate their homes and living rooms. Water Lilies byClaude Monet is amongst the most widely reproduced art as posters, fine artprints , canvas prints and framed art, as it has become an ultimate choice forart lovers who feel proud to have Monet’s greatest art paintings in their homeswhich comes at such affordable prices.

There are quite a few Monet’s Water liliesseries of art prints and oil paintings available since he often painted thesame scenic view at different times of the day and often during differentseasons which made them a very superior artistic pleasure to watch and use fordecorating homes. Monet in almost all his paintings captured flowers, ponds andother natural settings which made him a well known landscape artist of histimes. Such was his popularity that Monet is considered to be amongst the topartist along with masters such as Vincent Van Gough. He also happens to be themost respectful landscape artist of all times as his approach towards oilpainting was very different and ahead of times.

The distinctivecolours and scenery view he managed to capture has always been appreciatedthroughout the world and today his paintings are sold for Billions of Dollarswhile some adore many museums which are visited by budding artist and artlovers as they find them as the ultimate source of knowledge. Claude Monet’soil paintings have been a great academic resource for all art colleges aroundthe world.

Thus it can be said that Claude Monet withhis foundation of Impressionist Art movement became the greatest Landscapeartist of all times and the beauty in his art makes Claude Monet’s art printsand posters as the most sold and reproduced art works of all times.

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