The Agility Clause: The reason you should possess

Slayer (This will still count as a slayer job, however please note If You Would like to add a slayer monster into the dungeons You Have to have the correct Slayer Level to both add and OSRS Gold kill the creature [Ex: 85 slayer to kill and add Abby Demons])

The Agility Clause: The reason you should possess at least 20-70 Ability is because you MUST put in an agility snare at the begginning of this dungeon, this is because you don't need the monsters on your dungeon to escape and destroy your house. Also note you will acquire experience in agility equal to the level necessary to jump the trap multiplied by 10, but it is only going to give experience once per 5 minutes.

This cooridor is the only one you will have the ability to have Summoning Familiars (Note: No pets are allowed even in this cooridor) however you must have at least 50 Summoning, and you also need 5 Levels more than the required Level (Unless you are at Level-99) to summon the familiar.

Beginning: To start you must have a junction of land which has nothing on at least 2 of its four sides. The pick construct door hotspot and pick Training Dungeon. It prices 75k for the first room, and two dungeons. Afterwords you have to immediatly include 2 things before you can even start thinking about monsters. and an Agility Trap (See Below)

The Tzhaar Clause: As none of Buy RS Gold these being possess a real fall, they will fall TokKul and the Occasional Obsidian Item, Jad will also have the exclusive fall of falling a Fire Cape, this fall has a 1/10,000 Chance however, even with a Ring of Wealth.
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