This only applies if this becomes a dangerous Minigame |

This only applies if this becomes a dangerous Minigame. The Looters Guild is an NPC-only guild of people who move on to Swordcross and choose the things of people who die on the island. They sell these items in their store on Hilt, to get a cost more or less same as the industry price. Players are able to OSRS Accounts buy Guild Coupons using kill points so as to buy their loot for 10% off. Each discounted purchase also uses up one voucher. Players can ask to combine, but will probably be rejected, no matter how high their thieving level is.

This quest is started by you reciveing a message from Oldak to come along and talk to him in Dorgesh-Kaan. Hello Oldak, you sent for me? I've been looking for one for months, months I tell you! Adventurers..bah! You wonder so much. . .never mind, never mind... on why I sent for you. For the past few weeks my drams are tormented by Zanik calling me out. I think, she is in trouble!

I kind of figured that when she vanished to the Sarcophagus in Yu'biusk. You must help her ____, your only hope. Option 1...I will do anything to help zanik Oldak, choice 2 I'm too busy at the moment... Option one response: Good, great, I knew you'd say that! But how are you going to reach Yu'biusk? I cannor open the portal again for you. I have recently had to use simular rings to aid a fairy queen, ther should be a way to get there through these rings. Fairies? They Exsist?

Obviously, you may use the Magic Candles protection, But when Nemesis sees that you simply using Prayer protection after a few hit Nemesis, it's going stop using wind attack and begin using Energy drain (Green powders upon your teammates, Draining around 50 Prayerpoints per 5 seconds) Although you and your teammates can stop it by Attacking Nemesis hard without it hitting you besides draining your prayer points.

When it reaches 1000 Hp, It'll stop using Energy drain and rest it wings, getting on the ground for ultimate Melee battle. Nemesis does not walkIt runs really fast (likely 2x your Running speed) and begin attacking you with a Slash attack each teammate, Hiting up to 60. (It'll switch to Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold another goal as Nemesis strikes ) You can still use Melee prayer protection if you still have any after Nemesis' Energy drain.
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