But the next-gen difference is delivered in many ways

It's not perfect, because there's a sign of NBA 2K MT the lifeless eyes' impact, but it is solid. Much like last-gen variations, 2K21 utilizes a cloth simulation for toddlers as well - as you move round the courtroom, the cloth flows and responds realistically.
NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Update

But the next-gen difference is delivered in many ways, especially concerning substances, shading, and lighting. Primarily, dependent on the side effects, skin receives a significant boost to the specular layer allowing surrounding lights to more realistically play off its surface. The players just appear more realistic this time around as a result of this change, to the point where sweat accumulates on the characters the harder they work. All this brings the players to life.

The same is true of those courts, which receive new materials also generating more realistic outcomes. The colour and material response is more natural in the next-gen variant of the match. But really, the key draw for me is the audience, which provides a huge increase over the old consoles. The amount of Buy 2K MT detail within each member of the crowd is remarkably impressive. They all proceed independently and therefore are far more comprehensive, to the point where even human palms are left handed. Yesif you look too closely, you can spot dead eyes galore, clipping issues, and more but, honestly, it works extremely well during gameplay and replays.
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