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Recent Activities

  • EMC Industrial
    Pressure instruments

    Verify the accuracy of your pressure instruments and check whether it gives same readings repeatedly or not, at a given point of time. Different monitors are available in different cuff sizes to fit different sized arms. You should properly match the size of your cuff before you choose a pressure instrument. Maximise plant and process safety as well as operational efficiency and effectiveness with our range of pressure instruments. Endress+Hauser’s wide range of devices...  more
  • EMC Industrial
    Temperature instruments

    The temperature instruments or simply temperature transmitter is an electrical device that brings the functioning of a control or measurement instrument together in a single device. At EMC, we supply a very wide range of Endress+Hauser temperature instruments suitable for all industrial facilities and processing plants. Their products include unique features such as self-calibration and tool-free calibration designed for hygienic applications. The E+H range includes...  more
  • EMC Industrial
    Industrial automation

    If you are looking for weighing solutions, then contact EMC Industrial Group Ltd. EMC are New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of continuous (dynamic) weighing systems. We design and manufacture the ModWeigh range of world-class electronic weight indicators and processors and products such as belt weighers, weighfeeders and loadcell mounts for vessel and tank weighing systems. Our weighing products are found throughout many industries but predominantly in the primaries...  more
  • EMC Industrial
    Instrumentation and process control

    As industries are basking on the newfound status of being one of the most rapidly progressive industrial super powers, there has been a remarkable demand for industrial supplies in the last couple of years. This has also spurred up the need for online industrial and business supplies stores. Some of the primary tools business houses need to procure while setting up an industrial unit are the instrumentation and test tools. Although, these tools may vary...  more