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  • Uk is proud to offer a very extensive range of contemporary bathroom suites. The whole explosion that has taken place with regard to bathroom design has simply mean that there are so many different types of contemporary bathroom suites on the market, that they have to be classified and grouped together. Traditional Bathroom Suites: Traditional suites are ones that are generally regarded as being quite classic compared to contemporary bathroom suites, often with traditional style basins, such as rounder shapes or fitted on classic style, it should be Aluminum pet film possible to feel just that little more confident about parting with your hard earned cash. But this can create a problem: if the extent of choice leaves you feeling that you did know what you want, but now you aren't so sure, then here is the guide you need to take you through the different styles: contemporary bathroom suites in layman's terms! Different Types of Bathroom Suites Contemporary Bathroom Suites: These are often minimalist in design. Wash hand basins may be sited on a surface or fitted to a load bearing wall. Wall Hung Bathroom Suites: Well they may well sound pretty obvious, but remember that you need to have a wall that is supportive enough to be able to accommodate your toilet and wash hand basin! Cloakroom Suites: A cloakroom suite is usually just a toilet and a finger rinse basin, which is smaller than a standard sized suite, in order to fit nicely into a cloakroom, which is often quite compact. .Hasn't the world of contemporary bathroom suites changed from when you could buy standard white fittings that all looked the same or the dreaded 'avocado', then-contemporary bathroom suites that were the design nightmare of the 1970s? Nowadays, contemporary bathroom suites are available in a whole range of designs: do you want traditional,'back to wall' contemporary bathroom suites, wall hung bathroom suites or a cloakroom suite? BathroomTrade. But armed with an understanding of the different types of contemporary bathroom suites that are available at BathroomTrade. They offer sleek and sometimes quite angular shapes, lever style taps or square wash hand basins. This is not the same as 'close coupled' where the toilet actually is attached or joined to the pan, so that there is no space lost accommodating the cistern. Traditional bathroom suites are used more in traditional homes, where very modern contemporary bathroom suites may not look in keeping with the rest of the Back to Wall Contemporary Bathroom Suites: The items in a back to wall suite are fitted to a wall or a piece of furniture behind say the toilet itself. Close coupled suites contemporary bathroom suites are often used where space is at a premium. So do not let the different terms and phrases used about contemporary bathroom suites confuse Other contemporary bathroom suites may simply be updates to traditional ranges, offering a slightly less curved shape or may simply look more modern

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