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  • You’d think for the Chargers more or less rolling with the same old Seattle-flavored defense week after week Womens Customized New England Patriots Jerseys , they’d be a little better at it.And if you are going to get toasted on a blown coverage, you’d usually rather it not be by the kid who hadn’t even been TARGETED in 4 of his last 5 games.No, seriously, look: Phillip Dorsett didn’t get a single look for the 4 games leading up to the Patriots’ regular-season finale against the Jets.And you know what would be supremely embarrassing, if you were an All-Pro cornerback like Desmond King that was the one getting toasted by a kid with not-quite-300 yards and a scant 3 scores on the season.Turns out that’s exactly what happened!Now for the Madden cam!I mean, free release, off to the races , hand up, 6 points. Does life get any better?Actually, yes, it does: Dorsett and Julian Edelman knew that was coming the whole week. For everyone who still wants to drop Spygate jokes, this is quite literally just watching tape, making a note like “Huh, I bet they’ll do this later” and then...that’s exactly what goes down.From NESN:Even though Dorsett’s been relatively quiet New England Patriots T-Shirt , figuratively and literally, since he got to New England after getting traded for QB Jacoby Brissett, the man’s been nails the few times his number has been called. Like NESN points out, he’s caught 20 of the last 21 balls thrown to him, and while he didn’t hit an extra gear with Edelman being suspended for the first quarter of the season, Dorsett’s kept a good head on his shoulders and made the most of it.Phil may not have to wait long for another shot at the end zone, either — unless the Kansas City Chiefs defense has actually been playing the long con and has been good enough to bamboozle Andrew Luck all along New England Patriots Hats , that’s a one-game bright spot in a whole season of shootouts.Which, really, a shootout in Kansas City in an arctic blast has “playoff classic” written all over it.Wait. Wasn’t Arctic Blast a Gatorade flavor?2018 Patriots roster cuts: New England has one of the oldest 53-man rosters in the NFL With the New England Patriots having cut down their roster to 52 players yesterday, we now know the core of what the team’s 2018 version will look like. And while it will continue to evolve over the course of the next few months, one thing becomes clear when looking at it: despite some questions about the depth at the wide receiver and offensive tackle positions, the Patriots have a generally deep squad – and a comparatively old one.In fact, only two teams are older than New England. The Philly Voice’s Jimmy Kempski compared initial 53-man roster across the NFL in terms of age and found out that the Patriots’ average player is 26.8 years old New England Patriots Hoodie , which ties the the team with the Carolina Panthers for the 29th oldest squad in all of football. For comparison, the league’s youngest roster – the Cincinnati Bengals’ – is only 25.2 years on average.The reasons for the difference and New England’s ranking near the bottom can quickly be spotted. Look no further than the quarterback position: despite being the NFL’s best passer, 41-year old Tom Brady is also the oldest non-specialist in the league. His backup Brian Hoyer is noticeably younger at 32, but still of ripe age when compared to other players and quarterbacks across the NFL.Brady and Hoyer are just two examples of older players having been able to secure a spot on the team. In fact, nine more men on the current roster are over 30. With the exception of projected depth defensive back Jason McCourty, all of them are expected to play pivotal roles on the 2018 Patriots either as starters – like wide receiver Chris Hogan, offensive tackle Marcus Cannon Cheap Customized New England Patriots Jerseys , and safeties Devin McCourty and Patrick Chung – or key rotational pieces.That being said and despite being voted the worst team in terms of talent under the age of 25 earlier this offseason, the Patriots certainly also have plenty of young players to potentially build upon for the future. Training camp standouts cornerback J.C. Jackson, defensive edge Deatrich Wise Jr. and offensive tackle Trent Brown are just three examples of younger players rising to the occasion and displaying possible long-term upside.Nevertheless, New England does need to find suitable replacements for the older players that drive up their average age over the next few seasons. And none of them is more important than the quarterback spot.

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