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"It is imperative that all allergists China automatic liquid soft packaging machines Manufacturers and healthcare providers who see patients with food allergies take the time with each visit to review food allergen avoidance and label reading to avoid accidental exposures to food allergens," she said. Julie Wang of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and her colleagues.Parents were asked about potentially risky food allergy management behaviors.In addition, families must be provided written food allergy action plans to recognize signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction, said Saltzman. "If families are concerned about a possible food allergen, then consultation with an allergist is recommended for further evaluation," she said. About one-third had been treated in an emergency department and about 5 percent had been hospitalized in the past.
With food regulator FSSAI facing manpower shortage, the government has sanctioned an additional 493 posts for the authority to discharge its responsibility effectively for ensuring safe and nutritious food to people.By more than doubling the staff strength of FSSAI, the Centre has addressed one of the key concerns raised by the CAG in its performance report of FSSAI and also by the Parliamentary Standing Committee in its latest report, the statement said.It also has offices at 20 ports of entry for checking imported food. Two new large food labs are under development in Chennai and JNPT, Mumbai.For instance, the United States has a staff of 14,200 in its two agencies, the USDA and FDA to look after food safety and Canada has over 4,000 staff in its food safety inspection services.It has been functioning with merely 356 sanctioned posts and most of its staff is on short-term contract or on deputation.
Thanking the government for creation of these posts, FSSAIs CEO Pawan Agarwal termed it as a "big milestone in the evolution of food safety system in the country"."Compared to these numbers and international benchmarks in terms of the number of staff deployed in the food regulatory bodies of other countries, India has fewer staff for food safety," the statement said."Having dedicated staff for such activities will help FSSAI to institutionalise these activities for sustainable change on food safety and healthy nutrition," FSSAI said.With increased staff and resources, he said the FSSAI will be able to discharge its responsibility more effectively so as to inspire trust and assure safe and nutrition food for all citizens. Ministry of Health and Family has issued orders to create 493 additional posts for the authority, the FSSAI said in a statement.
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