What are Top Study Destinations for Indians to Study Abroad?

India is progressing leaps and bounds. The economic condition of people in the country is stable and progressive. Do you know after China, India is the second country from where students flight to abroad for higher studies? After that, it is South Korea. Here is a look at top shortlisted abroad destinations where Indians like to move for getting a higher education.


On top of the list is none other than America. It is a sought after destination for international students. A survey says that over 900,000 international students enrolled in various universities of the nation from India, China, and South Korea every year. The USA is the hotspot for a wide range of courses like Engineering, Business Management, Social Science, Physical and Life Sciences, Math, and Computer Science. Most Indians who have qualified 10+2 move to the USA for higher studies. Learn more - Study in USA


The UK has always been a top study destination for Indians. Many top leaders and scientists had gone to the UK for their higher studies. It was the famous Oxford University that garnered the attention of Indians for a higher qualification. Now, numerous universities of the county have made headlines for offering quality education. Various types of vocational programs in the UK have attracted Indians for short or long-term studies to make their career brighter. Some top courses are business management, engineering, social science, physical and life science, and Fine and Applied Arts. Learn more - Study in UK


Australia is one of the best study destinations for Indians. The country has more than 12,000 higher educational institutions that offer vocational training courses. Indians like the country most because many of them settle in the country after their higher studies. The country needs skilled trainers, so it is easy to apply for a work visa and then a permanent visa. The place receives a higher number of students every year from China, India, and Malaysia. Learn more - Study in Australia


Another top country to study abroad for Indian is Canada. The country has emerged as a leading study destination because it has witnessed a manifold increase in the number of international students in recent years. Canada is now well-known for various courses like engineering, business, animation, hospitality, and biotechnology. The country has seen a four-fold increase in the number of students from India.

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