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It was one the richest countries in the Wholesale Custom Canopy world when the British moved in and they reduced it to one of the poorest. So I had understood about, say, the Hindu-Muslim divide being encouraged deliberately. There was hardly anybody standing there opposing them.Q: How challenging was it to write this book? What kind of research did you undertake?A: Plenty of research is necessary because it’s one thing delivering a 15-minute speech and another writing a 333-page book. To be honest I almost tossed it off - it didn’t require a whole lot of research.Q: Do you think the British could rule India for as long as they did because they could effectively convince people back home they were doing a great service to the people of their colonies? A: No.Paradoxically, it is easier for me as an opposition MP. Gold Coast in Ghana, rubber from Malaysia.
For example, as the Minister of State for HRD all I could do was give suggestions on HRD to my own minister, but that was about it.But inevitably I asked myself why and its because Im a human being with a number of reactions to the world, some of which I manifest in my work and some of which I have manifested in my writing. So the British to a large extent are unaware there is anything to apologize for.A: If there hadnt been a nationalist movement, the British would not have been too exhausted to keep the empire. But instead, we have now adopted Victorian morals wholesale. The British became the biggest beneficiaries because it was an extremely good career to be in either the army or the civil service. So its not going to happen either.
Theyve managed to portray to themselves and, to some degree to the world, certainly to the western world, the British Empire as some sort of benign exercise in altruism, which is far from being the truth. The fact is that it was neither benign nor altruistic; it was deeply rapacious, and deeply self-centered and self-benefiting. I was basically saying things I thought every Indian who had been educated more or less knew. But people dont know that. Its not as if we were the only place, but definitely the British did very well out of India. This was the past. Now truthfully I know as a former bureaucrat and former minister that thats not possible to administer. Now this was something which had been reported by a British journalist in 1908 but I hadnt read it..What I would prefer is two things.
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