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Wendy’s, the Robinhood Army, a volunteer-based organisation, Goonj an NGO that has been doing warm clothes distribution drives since the last ten years and China Wholesale Portable Hammock Manufactures the Uday Foundation are some places where you can make sure that your donated warm clothes reaches the right people. One has even heard of stories of children running away from homes to go back to begging because that is the life they have been inducted into. Say no to begging and yes to a dignified existence for the homeless.Organising distribution drivesWhile this may sound like a lot of work, an organised distribution drive for warm clothes and blankets is not unachievable.
The writer is the chairperson of the AICC grievance cell. The rest are tents and makeshift portable cabins that hardly keep out the biting cold.Tebbit may be totally unrealistic in identifying the winner but Muslims in Britain who are causing raised eyebrows by an obstinate insistence on a wardrobe which the host population finds outlandish and worse, must realise that they are at risk of bartering away priceless goodwill.According to a list attached to the letter, the numbers are: 200 near the ISBT, 200 near AIIMS, 150 in Safdarjung, 50 near Gurdwara Bangla Sahib and 20 near Hanuman Mandir.The capital was not quite prepared for the pre-Christmas cold that hit the city.
These deaths of the homeless, who form an important work-force in the city as mostly casual and contract labour, acted as a wake-up call for the Delhi government which took it upon themselves to improve the night shelter scheme. All these organisations provide warm clothes and blankets to everyone, though kids and older people need it most as they are more susceptible to illnesses during the winter months. Many of the city’s homeless were left scrambling for shelters, which despite our new year resolutions, seem to fall short every year, and many are left out on the street to deal with the cold wave. 
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