The Benefits of All Wheel Drive

You've heard the old saying "Power is nothing without control." this is often true for cars, SUVs, CUV's and trucks. We'll persist with cars for now. More specifically compact cars. I will be able to ask cars like the Subaru WRX/STI and therefore the Mitsubishi EVO/Ralliart.

Both the WRX/STI and therefore the EVO/Ralliart employ AWD as their method of transferring power to the road from the engine. Why? Both manufacturers use high horsepower (HP) turbocharged engines that are developed for Rally style racing. In Rally Racing, the grip is extremely important. Rally cars typically have 300hp and are AWD. Races are run on dirt roads, tarmac, and roads covered in snow and/or ice at speeds of up to 120mph! Tell me you'd want anything aside from AWD in those conditions?

AWD allows you to attain levels of grip most Front Wheel Drive (FWD) and Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) cars cannot match. AWD lets the facility shift to the front wheels, rear wheels, left wheels, or right wheels or all of the wheels when needed. FWD only drives the front wheels and most FWD cars don't have a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) to regulate the facility . an equivalent goes for RWD. LSD's are usually reserved for sports cars or luxury cars. the standard Honda Civic or Toyota Camry doesn't have an LSD. Cars like the Honda S2000 or BMW M3 will have them, but they're specialized cars that are marketed to enthusiasts.

Cars like the Subaru WRX/STI, Legacy GT/Outback, and therefore the Mitsubishi EVO/Ralliart comes standard with AWD that employs 3 differentials! One each within the front, middle, and rear for superior control in normal highway driving or driving on a race track to driving within the snow or off-road. These cars are known for his or her performance and economical price points, even when equipped with the AWD system.

Most of the time you'll not need AWD unless you reside during a country or a neighborhood that experiences tons of rain or snow. Once you experience the texture and control of AWD at a time you would like it you'll never want to drive the other sort of car again. If you're brooding about replacing your FWD or RWD car take a glance at the Subaru line up. they need compact cars, family sedans, and CUV's all with standard Symmetrical AWD. Mitsubishi has the Lancer EVO and therefore the Ralliart for compact sedans and the Outlander for little 7 passenger SUV needs.
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