Since they're not native to any of the first islands coconuts are a catchy fruit

Both the Cloud Floors and walnut Wooden Deck-Rug can be Animal Crossing Bells obtained from Saharah, who can randomly drop by your island on any given day. Players may buy flooring, wallpaper and rugs though unlike items they're a puzzle until purchased.

Powertato clarifies that they obtained the Cloud Floors (easily the funniest thing used in their own sauna area ) by visiting the island of the other Reddit user who had Saharah stop by that day.

Which Animal Crossing Fruit Should You've Based In Your Type?

The entire world has gone crazy over Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and given how much fun things players may accomplish in the game, it is no wonder. From creating a five-star island to furnishing the perfect house or perhaps hunting down rare fish and insects, there's a slew of things to do each day.What's even cooler is that each island spawns using a distinct native fruit, which means it's less probable that two islands out of two distinct players will look alike. That having been said, everyone is able to get their hands on all of the fruits out there. The question is: which ones to get? This entertaining small zodiac guide should help answer the question. So far the fruits found in New Horizons are included.

Aries are famous for their personalities. Orange is the type of fruit for Aries due to its energizing flavor. Additionally, yellow and orange colors are associated with vitality and mornings, making it an even better fit.

Since they're not native to any of the first islands coconuts are a catchy fruit. But, traveling to a different tropical island that is random will allow the player plant a few of their own and to harvest them. Coconuts have a flavor, which is Taurus is a superb fit for them. It's a fruit which won't let a player down, and is heard to buy Animal Crossing Items break like a Taurus.
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