I read an amazing book recently 300D fabric Manufacturers

I read an amazing book recently 300D fabric Manufacturers called the Human Fabric. It resonated so strongly with me that I just had to find and speak to the author himself, Bijoy Goswami.

Though it is a rare priviledge to speak to an author that has a dramatic effect upon your life, it is worth noting the Bijoy is more than just an author. He's also musician, a playwrite, a public speaker, an Oxford/Stanford Scholor, a tireless networker and entrepreneur amongst many other things...

BG: Interestingly, I had never planned to write a book. When I started my company, Aviri, my co-founder, Bruce and I started synthesizing what was to eventually become the 'MRE Framework.' Our original intent was to alert various thought leaders about our ideas and have them promote it in their talks and writings. Instead, I got asked to speak at conferences and gatherings. As I did this, people would often ask, 'So when is your book coming out?' to which I would encourage them to read all the other wonderful books we’d used to develop our ideas. 'But you have a unique way of presenting them,' I was told time and again. For a long time I resisted writing because I felt I was not adding anything new to the conversation and why did the world need yet another book on a subject known for 5000 years! Eventually, a conversation with Betty Sue Flowers set me straight. She told me that my job was to remind people of things that we know, but forget. This freed me to get started on writing the book. Really, it was the encouragement of many wonderful folks along the way that provided the inspiration.

DS: What are three basic core types of people you describe in the Human Fabric and how can someone tell which type they are?

BG: The three types are: Maven, Relater and Evangelist. Chapters 1-4 describe these three in good detail. J The short way of saying it is this: Mavens are driven by knowledge, Relaters by relationships and Evangelists by action. I think of these as 'energies'. People, for some reason, are more connected to one, maybe two of these energies and this ripples out in many aspects of their personality, be it communication, relationships, learning, values, etc.

Discovering your core type is an ongoing process that never ends. My simplest recommendation is to read each chapter describing the three types. As you experience the examples, you will find yourself drawn to one of the three. Ask a friend who knows you very well to give you their impressions. It’s amazing how quickly you will get to your core! I also work with a wonderful partner in Austin, Dorsey Cartwright, who helps people experience the three energies through a Voice Dialogue session. She has done this in group settings and the results are quite revealing! While everyone can get in touch with the three energies, their 'core' energy becomes very clear.

DS: What was the most rewarding thing about writing and publishing your own book?

BG: It was the collaborations with my co-author, Dave Wolpert, artist Tina Hudock and the readers of the book. Dave catalyzed me into action and agreed to embark on the process with me. He had written his first book on Scoliosis Surgery, and was experienced in the self-publishing process. Our many conversations and dialogues literally moved the ideas far beyond anything I could have imagined. Tina is a dear friend who not only designed the cover and icons, but also created three amazing paintings which visually capture the three types and their environments. Yet another friend, Steve Harper, has recently written his book, The Ripple Effect, which applies the ideas in THF to relationships.

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