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MB & F Legacy Machine Thunderdome watch hands-on

The latest replica mb&f watch in 2019 is Legacy Machine Thunderdome, and it focuses on amazing visual animation. It continues MB & F ’s long tradition of producing innovative small machines with interesting people. Max Busser, the founder of MB & F, decided to work with watchmakers again, and with famous decoration designer Kari Voutilainen, and now also works for watch movement designer Eric Coudray of Thunderdome. This watch debuted with a new rotation adjustment system called TriAx.

Legacy Machine Thunderdome is the answer to the following question: "Hey, Eric, can you make a three-axis that looks very wild ...?" The result is placed on the dial of this 22.2 mm thick timepiece, with platinum The dial of the traditional engraving machine on the case is opposite. This debut Thunderdome platinum model is combined with two other Legacy Machine Thunderdome (both made of tantalum), both of which are specifically produced for The Hour Glass, MB & F's long-term retail partner.richard mille replica

In fact, "Thunderbolt Dome" was borrowed from the Mad Max movie of the same name. MB & F may have made the right choice to put Thunderdome in the classic Legacy Machine series, but based on this theme, I can't help but imagine the Horological Machine version of Thunderdome. The most attractive part of the dial is the three-axis rotation adjustment system, and the front dial has a tilt dial. Let's talk about TriAx and all its contents.

Frankly speaking, the TriAx system is about entertainment and animation. This is not a mechanism designed to solve any problems, but it does expand the MB & F's fascinating mechanism and catalog of records. Please also note that although TriAx looks like a tourbillon, it is neither a tourbillon nor functions like a tourbillon. The tourbillon is a mechanism with an adjustment system that can move around its own axis, which is not exactly what is happening here. In fact, the innermost rotating element is connected to the escapement, which itself rotates around the balance wheel.jacob & co replica

As far as I know, the balance wheel is actually "hemispherical", which is the first in the watch design. Flat balance wheels are practical in watches because they take up less space. Because the Thunderdome is designed to provide interesting visual observation space, the special hemispherical balance wheel and cylindrical balance wheel are more than free, and the function is practical and the appearance is interesting.

Considering how fast all components in the TriAx system rotate, you need to check carefully-you can see that the innermost element rotates every eight seconds, the blue middle part (I believe most TriAx is made of titanium ) It rotates every twelve seconds, and the outermost cage rotates every 20 seconds. TriAx brings a fascinating and charming little gyro. MB & F can further improve the Thunderdome by developing a better anti-reflective coating on the dome-shaped sapphire crystal in order to increase the visibility of this very convenient watch movement.

Eric Coudray's fame stems from his work at Jaeger-LeCoultre, where he developed the famous tourbillon system for the brand. Later he joined Cabestan and created a more interesting mechanism. His work was participated by Kari Voutilainen in order to make the system visually appealing in the form of high-end watches. Legacy Machine Thunderdome is a fusion of Coudray modern world and Voutilainen classic painting world.

The manual winding mechanical movement inside Thunderdome is both cool and cool. The Baud-type adjustment system consists of 413 parts with an operating frequency of 3 Hz and a 45-hour power reserve in three barrels (very power-hungry). The dial of the watch only shows the time with hours and minutes (traditionally there is no second display), and there is a power reserve indicator on the movement, which can be seen from the back of the case. An interesting trick of the movement is to use the gear device to operate the tilt dial on the dial surface.replica luxury watches

MB & F Legacy Machine Thunderdome has a platinum width of 44 mm, which is large but very wear-resistant. The biggest visual effect comes from the steep domed shell. Those who are skeptical about its wear resistance need only consult many satisfied customers of MB & F's other "tall" watches.

MB & F is limited to this form (a platinum watch with a light blue guilloche dial), and despite the high price, it may not be a problem to sell Thunderdome watches. The dials of the two limited editions are tantalum / honeysuckle and dark blue guilloche. In future MB & F timepieces, the TriAx concept is worth repeating (hopefully in a futuristic form) because the charm of the fast-moving TriAx system brings a real smile to your face when you check its operation. Please note that this mechanism is just for fun. Again, all the good timepieces these days are essentially toys. This happens to be one of the most complicated and luxurious.

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