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You've read all about identity theft.You're well-informed about federal privacy laws such as the HealthInsurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the Fair andAccurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). And you're concerned aboutthe planet and don't want to create a lot of garbage. So you did it:you bought yourself (or your office) a paper shredder (or two orthree). Choosing your paper shredder was undoubtedly a tough decisionbecause you needed to consider factors such as whether it was across-cut versus strip-cut machine and so on. Now that you have yourshredder, you should know that your shredder needs care. (It alreadygets the feeding due to the documents you shred.) You also need to havea couple of items on hand to keep the shreds from totally taking overyour office. So here are the three "must-have" paper shredderaccessories.

    1. Shredder oil. Every paper shredder needssome maintenance and the number one thing you need to keep your machinein good running order is shredder oil. After all, you wouldn't driveyour car for thousands of miles without changing the oil, right? Well,it's the same with paper shredders. Shredder oil keeps your machinelubricated so it will stay in top condition. It will also help preventpaper jams, which in turn, will save you time because you won't bespending hours removing bits of misfed paper from your machine. Somemachines, such as some of the higher-end units from Fellowes, eveninclude space within your shredder's waste area in which to store yourbottles of shredder oil. It doesn't get more convenient than that!Shred bags.These are the shredding world's equivalent of a garbage bag. When youshred, you know you're going to wind up with a lot of itty-bitty piecesof paper, and it turns out that the best way to contain them is with aspecially designed shred bag. You might be thinking that you could justas easily use a plastic shopping or garbage bag, but using a shred bagis better idea. Why? Simply because shred bags are designed to fit yourmachine's waste area. All the major shredder manufacturers (Fellowes,DestroyIt, GBC, etc.) make shred bags, so there's definitely a bagavailable for your particular machine. Unless you're the kind of personwho likes to dig out the vacuum cleaner and clean up all the bits ofyour shredded documents, do yourself a favor and use the right bag foryour shredder. Document containers. If your companyshreds a lot of documents on-site and you want to keep them away fromprying eyes before they're shredded, a document container could be theanswer to your shredding prayers. Document containers are simply largeboxes that safely store your documents if you're not going to be ableto destroy them right

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  1. away. These boxes are lockable, so you can restassured that your private information will be safe. (Hooray for peaceof mind!)

Shredder oil, shred bags, and document containers: all three of theseare must-have accessories for anyone who owns a paper shredder. Getyours today and keep on shredding!

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