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Urwerk UR-111C

A form of return for avant-garde watchmakers.

Although the UR-111C was inspired by Urwerk's creation in 1999 and its experimental watch from the 1950s, it is still original and distinctive, becoming the most attractive Urwerk wrist since the satellite cube display debuted table.

When it was founded in 1997 by brothers of watchmaker Felix and Thomas Baumgartner and designer Martin Frei, Urwerk relied on a simple but radical Formula-Installed in an avant-garde case, reinterpreting the classic wandering time display. They were helped by precision machining expert Christian Gros, who is responsible for many complex forms inside and outside Urwerk watches, and still works with the brand to this day. Therefore, this watch is decisive for establishing Urwerk (UR-103.01 in 2003) on the clock chart.

The UR-111C is essentially an improvement over the King Cobra, but it has been improved with the addition of other features that enhance readability, a smoother, more wear-resistant case, and a much lower price. King Cobra has a double drum for bilinear display and a single digital seconds, while the UR-111C relies on a single linear display and dual digital seconds.

The main function of UR-111C is to display linear time under the rectangular sapphire window on the lower front of the case. The cylindrical drum with a yellow line rotates once per hour to indicate the number of minutes, and the yellow bar moves upward along the minute track, marking "0" to "60" every five minutes.


But Urwerk's greatest invention took place in 2005, when Harry Winston introduced the Opus V, developed and manufactured by Urwerk, with three rotating cubes and a retrograde hand to indicate time. Initially and still strikingly, the satellite cube display is a typical Urwerk. Since then, Urwerk's replica watches price have been improved and improved, including hovering time or satellite cube displays until the new UR-111C.

UR-111C originated in 2009's UR-CC1 "King Cobra", which is a big and interesting product that was expensive during this period, nearly $ 300,000. Fifty pieces were made, and it is unclear whether the entire run was actually sold.

But King Cobra itself is based on the equally aggressive watch of 1958, designed by Geneva-based jeweller Gilbert Albert and watchmaker Louis Cottier for Patek Philippe). This case is made of a large case and bark and uses a bi-linear display to indicate the time. Since the 1950s, it has a glorious outlook on the future. But the idea never came, and today's prototype is still preserved in the Patek Philippe Museum.fashion replica watches 

Despite its unusual form, minutes are actually a very complex retrograde display. When the yellow mark reaches the peak of "60" hours, the photoconductor will make a large instantaneous jump to return the mark to zero. This is possible thanks to a cylindrical spring located inside the drum, which will wind up as the drum rotates and advances towards the top of the hour, then releases to return the drum to its zero position.

For clarity and legibility, the tapered drum in the lower right corner of the case also marks the minutes in minutes. The hours are displayed in the lower right corner of a cone-like drum.

Inspired by King Cobra's second hand, the second hand display proceeds in an unusual form, with a pair of perforated discs with alternating seconds hand numbers at five-second intervals. Each disc rotates in the opposite direction, so seconds are scanned down in the display.Grand Seiko replica Watches

But that's thanks to the thin slices of the fiber-the glass bundles are tightly bundled into a bundle, as wide as a human hair, and the numbers are magnified and appear to project on the surface of sapphire glass. The whole concept is a clever way to show the most common parts of time.

Right below the digital seconds window is a roller crown, which is a slender grooved cylinder that can be wound by operating the watch with your thumb. The lever recessed to the right of the housing can be pulled out to cooperate with the time setting mechanism, which is also operated by the roller.

Although not as convenient as a traditional crown-feeling the need to complete the rotation of multiple rollers to accomplish the same task-the rollers create a cleaner case design that eliminates the huge crown in the Urwerk trademark in most watches. Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Grand Complications replica watches

The self-winding movement is a bland and reliable Zenith Elite. It is the driving force of the self-winding movement. This is also the basis of Urwerk's other self-winding movements, but it is almost unrecognizable in the proprietary Urwerk movement.

The UR-111C is a novel watch in itself, but it is also noticeable because it deviates from Urwerk's latest design style, which tends to be large and radical. Its flagship product, the UR-210 with satellite cubes, is reminiscent of Lamborghini's favorite "hexagonal" geometry, while the UR-T8 is large and scaly.

In contrast, the UR-111C looks stylish. With a size of 42mm x 46mm and a height of 15mm, the UR-111C is a large but manageable watch, especially due to the slightly curved case.

Except for the front, rear, left and right grooves, the design is limited due to how they fit together, and most of the functions come into play. Two exposed screw holes above each cone drum (also found on the back of the case) are used to secure the case, which is constructed like a sleeve to house the movement. The movement is mounted on the right side of the case, almost as a chassis, and then slides into the middle of the case.

UR-111C has two surface treatments: natural-color brushed steel, or medium gray granular "gunmetal" coating as shown in the figure. The grey finish perfectly matches the highly mechanical look of the watch, although the brushed steel looks more like a high-end watch due to its silver and gloss.MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Replica Watches

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