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Since we were all kids, we have always been reminded about the importance of oral hygiene. It appears that kids shouldn't be the only ones receiving the reminders but the adults as well. Good oral hygiene has a lot of personal and social benefits. This is why it is important that one knows the proper ways of cleaning and flossing teeth effectively.

It is recommended that everyone should brush at least twice daily - once in the morning and once before going to bed at night. Flossing should be part of the bathroom habits too, before you sleep at night. These oral hygiene activities will help promote healthier teeth and gums, prevent periodontal disease, and keep the mouth free from odor-causing bacteria.

Since the bacteria that live in the mouth cause most of dental problems, it is really important to keep that place nice and clean every time. Here are the steps on how you can really clean your teeth through brushing and flossing.

Proper way to brush the teeth

- Choose a toothbrush that has soft, round bristles so you don't scratch and damage the enamel part of your teeth or damage your gums.

- Ask your dentist which toothpaste would be best for you or you can go ahead and pick up that toothpaste with fluoride.

- Lukewarm water should be good for gargling.

- Position the brush at 45 degrees from the base of the gum. Concentrate on the area where the teeth and the gum meet. That is mostly the area where the bacteria build up.

- For the front teeth, make some gently up and down strokes and mini circular strokes on the teeth. You can cover 2 teeth for every round.

- Angle your brush a little higher to reach the back of your front teeth. Half of your brush should be making up and down strokes covering the gum and teeth.

- Going to the back teeth, you should vigorously but still carefully use circular brushing strokes on them.

- Brush both sides - cheek side and tongue side of the inner teeth at the gum line very gently with the same up, down, and circular strokes.

- If you have a tongue scraper, scrape the back of your tongue gently. The strokes will be outward from the very back end of the tongue towards the mouth opening.

- Gargle mouthwash if you want to.

- Clean the toothbrush thoroughly with flowing tap water. Let it air-dry. Be careful not to let it touch other toothbrushes to prevent the spread of germs.

Proper way to floss the teeth

You may already know this because it is simple process. Just remember to be carefully where your gums are concerned because there are very delicate tissues there.

- Snap at least 18 inches of floss and wrap both your index fingers with both ends so that there will be about a 2 inches of floss between your hands

- Slid the floss into the teeth one by one until the area where the gum touches your teeth.

- Scrape the insides of your teeth with vertical strokes to take away any food still stuck there and any plaque build-up.

- Be careful not to snap the floss especially at the gum line to protect your gums from any damage.

- You can floss eyeliner pen before or after brushing your teeth.

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