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To get a ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar is not as difficult as many people think. The ticket offices are found at the port and ferries leave regularly from 7h30 to 15h45 ? although times tend to change. There are three high speed ferries companies to choose from and each has about two departures per day. No pre-booking is needed simply turn up and buy a ticket for the next boat. Times change regularly Jordan Reed Hat , but there is usually a boat ever hour or two.

The port is close to the centre of town in both Dar es Salaam and Stone Town. Tickets can be bought at the port but you will have to brave the ticket touts who earn a living from commission from ticket sales. Watch out for pickpockets.

The journey takes about an hour and a half and leaves The mainland and heads for Stone Town the capital of Zanzibar, the port and entrance to these spiced islands. Entering this small port by ferry from Dar es Salaam is certainly an unforgettable experience, never failing to make the most weary traveler eager to explore this ancient port.

As you step onto the wharf the smell of cloves is carried on the breeze to greet you; immediately you are aware Stone Town is out of the ordinary. Arab dhows white-sails shaped like the crescent moon Josh Norman Hat , sail gently out of the harbor and pass along the miles of palm fringed beaches. Stone Town transports you into the past. The whole atmosphere is of medieval times, veiled women, their hands and feet hennaed with elaborate patterns Trent Williams Hat , haggle in the markets and small shops which cluster on the peripheries of the town.

The spice islands of Zanzibar refers to an archipelago of fifty or so islands with Unquia and Pemba being the largest. The main island is more commonly referred to simply as Zanzibar and to all intents and purposes Unquia is Zanzibar.

The Return journey to the mainland has the option of the night ferry and as the name suggests sails overnight. It is a slow journey taking literally the whole night ? however ? it is cheaper than the high speed ferries.

Many motorists lease vehicles rather than purchasing new cars. Car leasing can prove to be a good option for some but for many it is not. Before you consider leasing a car as the answer to your prayers, you should understand the various pros and cons of a lease, how to get the best deal and the other factors related to leasing.

Leasing a Car:

When you decide to lease a car Adrian Peterson Hat , you fail to own it. You are allowed to use it during the specified lease term but it must be returned at the end of the lease. However, in many leases you have the option to buy the car at the end of the term.

The Advantages of Car Leasing

There are three main reasons for leasing, rather than buying Alex Smith Hat , a vehicle:

聲People usually pay less by leasing than buying. This is the best option for those who love to drive new cars for few years. The question of getting rid of your old car also does not arise as the car is returned at the end of the lease term.

聲As expensive cars are difficult to afford for some, people opt for lease. Lease payments are generally lower each month than loan payments for any given car.

聲Car leasing gives you the option to change your car at the end of the leasing period rather than being stuck with a car that may have become worn out or outdated.

The Disadvantages of Leasing a Car

Although you may be fervent to drive an expensive new set of wheels, you need to consider the following disadvantages of leasing a car before you make your final decision:

聲Continually leasing your cars will put you in a state of immeasurable car payments.

聲If you decide to buy the car at the lease-end Wes Martin Hat , you will pay several thousands of dollars more than, if you had bought it initially.

聲Twenty-five percent extra per mile is levied if the annual set mileage exceeds. If you drive extensively, than leasing is probably not advisable.

聲If you want to terminate the lease early due to some personal financial reasons than you will have to pay a hefty termination fee or the interest of the remaining months.

聲You can never consider yourself the owner of the car.

聲You will need to arrange a comprehensive car insurance as you will be effectively driving someone else's car.

Getting the Facts before You Lease

Before leasing a car Bryce Love Hat , you need to be aware of the final cost. The Federal Consumer Leasing Act specifies that the lease agreements should include agreed-upon value of the vehicle, a statement of costs, insurance specifications and penalty for default lease payments.

However Terry McLaurin Hat , the dealer does not need to disclose the "interest rate" that has been agreed upon. Many lease agreements are drafted ambiguously with primary contents buried in the fine print.

You should be diligent to properly calculate the final cost, compare the rates and read the fine print.

Maintenance and Repairs during the Lease Term

The lease agreement specifies maintenance and repairs during the lease term. However, you can save maximum dollars if you include "gap insurance". Gap insurance pays the difference between what you owe under the lease and what the dealer can recover on the vehicle Montez Sweat Hat , if the car is stolen.

Getting a Good Deal

The lease deals that are heavily advertised by car manufacturers are often the best but you need to research and then go for it. They usually offer low monthly payments or a high turn-in value for the vehicle at the end. In addition to it they may offer to lock in the price you would have to pay at lease-end end if you want to keep the vehicle.

Thus, before leasing a car it is very important to study the pros and the cons, to prevent yourself from paying much more than what you must have actually considered.

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