To stop ejaculating at night herbal capsules can be taken

If the male body releases a white fluid from the reproductive organ in night, with or without the process of erection, it is called night emission, which can happen involuntarily when the person is in deep sleep. If the person has excessive release of fluid from the body, the color of the semen becomes more transparent (watery) and if the semen contains blood - it may become yellowish white in color. With excess release, the quality of sperm during ejaculation reduces. The problem can be linked to mental exhaustion, depression, and it can cause pain, feeling of tiredness and weakness in the male reproductive organs. To stop ejaculating at night remedies or proper cures is needed to regulate the functions of the body.

To automatically reduce these ejaculations and prevent its symptoms, herbal cures can be taken. Naturopathic treatment provided by NF Cure capsule and Vital M-40 capsule is very effective in reducing the symptoms and it can stop excessive night emissions because it supplies the body with certain compounds which can reduce the level of toxins in body, improve the strength of muscles and promote blood circulation to the body organs to stop ejaculating at night.

A number of reasons have been listed by the experts for the problem of excessive night emissions e.g. One of the major reasons is poor production of testosterone or androgens or imbalance in the production of testosterone. The level of testosterone in male body can increase or decrease very fast. The level of testosterone in male body is directly related to the state of depression. It has been studied in laboratory by experts that the testosterone plasma level in male body is directly related to the depression in both cases - high or low and it can cause depression. Herb such as Withania Somnifera and Saffron are widely known for its properties to regulate the level of testosterone and reduce the effects of depression in human body. To stop excessive night emissions a regulated quantity of these herbs can be taken that have the power to stop excessive night emissions by restoring balance of testosterone in body.

The abnormal level of sperm production in male body and the abnormalities in the production of sperm can cause infertility which is also a major cause for the release of semen in night. The above herbs can stop ejaculating at night as it can improve the level of sperm production and also enhance its quality.

The poor concentration or sperm in male semen is directly related to release of excessive semen from body involuntarily in night. The normal level of sperm concentration, in general, is about 20 million sperm per ml of semen. The problem of excess release of semen from the body can result in loss of testosterone from the body, which reduces control over the male reproductive organs and affects the performance of male organs. If the problem remains untreated for some time, it can affect the hardness level of male organ and cause other problems in reproductive organs. To stop ejaculating at night herbal capsules can be taken.

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