This can not only ruin the look do the floor

If you ignore this sort of problem it may become a real issue for you in the future, and one that can’t be simply fixed. 
Water damage within your laminate flooring can become expensive. When high amounts of moisture gets into your laminated floors, something called "buckling" occurs. This is when heat or pressure affects the floor and it then starts to bend and give out, or, as the name suggests, buckle.  This can not only ruin the look do the floor, but also make it unsafe. There are of course ways to check whether you have water damage or not, however most contractors would suggest that you can't repair laminate floors, you can only replace damaged sections (if glued together then this is a larger job, 'snap together' flooring however can just be replaced where damaged).
One way to check if your laminated flooring has water damage is of course to arrange for an inspector/surveyor to use a moisture meter on your floor to see if there are any damp issues under the surface. There are many ways that damp can get under the flooring in a modern house;leaky pipes, water heaters, dish washers / washing machines - these can all potentially cause large amounts of moisture and therefore potential damage to your floors. Moisture in the air can also cause your floor to start buckling as well. 
Of course if you find out that you have a water problem, the first thing to do is to try and find the source. Do not attempt to have a new floor laid, until you do, otherwise you could find yourself spending considerable amounts of money repairing / relaying the floor just to have it happen again 6mths later. Once the flooring is warped, it can't be repaired. If you don't feel up to the job of identifying the problem, it may well be wise to once again refer to a professional contractor or surveyor. Laminate flooring Plastic Chair Mould Factory is, overall, a very low maintenance type of flooring. But when there is water damage, it is something to repair right away otherwise it could be the whole floor that has to come up.
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