Tightly seal garbage containers

**House fly (Musca domestica): Tightly seal garbage containers. Screen windows in summer. Use fly paper or traps to attract and capture flies. Spot treatment of room corners with insecticides to kill resting flies.

**Face fly (Musca autumnalis): Seal homes Washing Machine Mould factory in late summer prior to periods when flies enter to overwinter. Try to limit sources of cattle manure in pastures, particularly in late summer. Treatment with insecticides of exterior walls around openings can further limit movement into homes during late summer.

**Cluster fly (Pollenia spp): Seal the home (particularly upper stories of south and west sides) prior to periods when flies enter in late August and September. Exterior treatment of house walls with effective insecticides can further limit entrance. Aerosol or fogger insecticides can be used to kill actively flying flies.

**Fungus gnat (Bradysia spp): Reduce watering of houseplants to allow increased drying and limit development of fungi in the soil on which larval stages feed. Discard rotting bulbs or parts of houseplants that are decaying. Apply houseplant insecticides to the plants and soil surface at frequent (2-4 day) intervals for 2-3 weeks to kill a generation of adult insects.

**Fruit fly (Drosophila spp): Remove sources of breeding which include overripe fruit and fermenting materials like stale beer or soft drinks. Some of these flies may emerge from open sewer drains or standing water that has organic debris in it like a mop pail. Eliminate standing water, if possible. If not possible, pour a small amount (i.e., 1 tablespoon) of vegetable oil down the open drain to create a thin film of oil on the top of the water. Never pour insecticides down the drain! We also recommend using the fruit fly trap on this web site.

**Drain fly (Psychoda spp): If wet conditions from plumbing leaks are permitting fly breeding, correct plumbing problems. To control flies coming out of drains, thoroughly clean pipes out, removing the gelatinous crud that builds up on the inside of pipes. (Do not forget to clean out the garbage disposal.) To help loosen the gelatinous crud, pouring boiling water down the drain may also be helpful. Never pour insecticides down the drain!

Several types of traps for flies also are available and can supplement other controls. Fly paper and electrocution light traps can kill flies but are only effective in areas where exclusion and sanitation efforts have already reduced the fly populations to low numbers.

Various food-based traps also are for sale. These traps often contain a protein bait, sometimes with the addition of a pheromone (sex attractant) used by flies. As with other traps, they can supplement other controls such as sanitation and exclusion.

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