It also has a special drain and six position valve

Sand Filters And Pump Kits

Whereas many traditional filter systems use cartridges that must be replaced every so often, sand pool pumps filters last longer and perform a more comprehensive clean of the pool, capable of handling more heavy duty work than their competitors.  Sand filters and pump kits possess top mounted valves, 4-way multiport valve, 230v voltage, 2 year warranty, powerful pump with pre-filter, and blow molded tank.

H2OFun – One Of The Market Leaders

These products are designed for most domestic swimming pools and are manufactured China jet pumps factory to top grade UV stabilized and reinforced thermoplastic.  They also feature a marine grade aluminum motor that is resistant to corrosion.  A heavy duty cast iron shield is provided, guaranteeing longer bearing life and quieter running.  H2OFun pool pumps filters weigh somewhere between 13 and 44 lbs, making them lightweight, but extraordinarily durable and robust.  Whether you want to replace your current pumps or need to purchase new ones for a swimming pool you are planning to build, H2OFun offers some great products.  They come with both imperial and metric fittings easily attachable to your existing pipework system.  Other advantages include:  low cost, self-priming, a year’s warranty, reliability, and quietness.

Submersible Pumps – An Emergency Option

These are useful for those swimming pool owners who need to pump out water in an emergency.  Submersible pool pumps filters comprise an electrical cable with a waterproof joint, and the entire unit is placed into the water.  Some submersible units pump constantly, or floating models have timed switches fitted to them, which will stop the pumping process when the level of water drops to a certain level.

The Innovative Tagelus Pump

The Tagelus is amongst the most durable and reliable of pool pumps filters currently available on the market.  It has a top-mounted design with a singular reinforced fiberglass composition.  It also has a special drain and six position valve, plus a screw-in adaptor collar placed at the top of the filter.  Any orientation can be achieved with collar fitting using a clamp band, which ensures that installation is convenient and fast.  The Tagelus comes with a 5 year warranty which is always a welcome bonus.

The ITT AG – Above Ground Convenience

If you prefer to keep an eye on your pool pumps, then this above ground pool pump filter model might be the one for you.  It is best used for small domestic or residential swimming pools.  It is easy to install, runs almost silently, and is very economical in terms of energy use.  The pump possesses two 2.5” BSP threaded components, supplied with 1.5” boxed unions.  An integral mounting foot is also included on this above ground pool pump filter along with a fine mesh 1.8 litre strainer basket, 63 frame IP55 motor, and top-grade carbon/ceramic seal assembly.


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