Extremely easy to use Load feeder with prints

Overview:    Fully automatic laminating systemAutomatic feederAutomatic trimmerSpecial SAP film  Anti staticWill adhere to any print  Designed for digital printerPush button operation-similar to photo copier


Extremely easy to use  Load feeder with prints and press startAuto feeder is extremely accurateUser can walk away to perform other tasksEliminates all manual labor from feeding laminator and trimming prints  Fast warm up time, warms up in less than 5 minutesEasy to load film with color coded cartridgesSAP film will adhere to any print Wholesale Centrifugal Pumps Factory  Most films will not adhere to prints with heavy fuser oil from digital printerAnti static film1.7 nylon film for single sided applications  Fast set up  Preset widths for trimmerDigital touch screen to set temp, speed and margin control


Maximum width of 12.6"Preset widths of trimmer for 11" and 12" prints with and without a margin  Length is automatic and can be adjustedFixed margins-no fine tuning for custom jobs on width  Max speed of 4' per minute  However that is laminated and trimmedNo labor  Limited film availability  No 10 mil film  Requires very little maintenance, however a local dealer should be used for installation and training


All metal constructionMetal cabinet on casters with waste bin for trimmed scraps  Small foot print, can be stored when not in use  Standard power requirements


Great system for users with page lamination needs and digital printersFilm is ideal for difficult to laminate digital printsIdeal for short and long runs of prints System will eliminate all manual labor in laminationSystem has a high cost, but when labor savings is taken into account the system will pay for itself

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