It��s been almost two years s

It��s been almost two years since I closed my eyes. I can clearly see her kind face and figure �C teacher Zhao Honglan, the head teacher of my elementary school. my memory, Teacher Zhao is a very kind and very responsible teacher. She is nearing retirement, her cheeks are always full of smiles, and the two warm, bright eyes are full of smiles.n I was a child, I really didn't understand things. Teacher Zhao was so good to us. in the Chinese class, Teacher Zhao asked the class to recite the text. At that time, I didn��t take it seriously, but the cat sneaked on the bottom of the book to peek at Children��s Literature. Teacher Zhao walked down the platform to inspect. I was attracted by the wonderful story in Children's Literature. I did not notice that Teacher Zhao had already stood by my side Newport 100S Price In Va. Wei. Why don't you endorse books?"soon as I saw it, I turned to look at it. Teacher Zhao was watching my seat calmly. I hurriedly collected the "Children's Literature".at time, my head was buried very low and my face was burning. I thought that this was over, let the teacher get caught, I wonder how she would clean up me?wever, Teacher Zhao did not confiscate my book, but said to me gently: "Now it is class, you see, the students are so serious in endorsing, and you are wasting precious class time because of reading "Children's Literature". Let's endorse it now, the text "Songfang Creek's Winter" is very interesting!"n Teacher Zhao said this, the voice was very light, but it was like a small hammer knocking on my heart. I really regretted it at that time Cartons Newports Sale, the teacher worked hard to teach us, and I.ter, I quickly endorsed and finally carried the "Winter of Songfang Creek" back before class.s snowing Wholesale Carton Cigarettes. The snow is falling on the Songfang River. Snow like catkins, snow like dandelion with fluffy seeds Cheap Newport Cigarette Online..." I still remember the beautiful class, Teacher Zhao also often participates in our game activities. Once she was... Before we went to the gym, we had several girls playing games on the playground. Suddenly, two fat hands caught my eyes. When I thought about who I was for a long time, my hand was released. I looked back and saw that it was Teacher Zhao Order Newport 100. She was grinning at me and laughing. Teacher Zhao does not have the shelves of the old teachers. It is really like our big friend!ing the winter and summer vacations, she led us out to play, Zhoukoudian, Chinese National Park, Hongluo Temple, all left our little footprintsring the period of the graduation exam, we were nervous and anxious. Teacher Zhao has been cheering for us and taking care to prepare for us. The exam was over, and the language scores of our class were very good. They ranked first in the district. I also scored 96.5 points.gren Middle School, how much I miss Teacher Zhao from my elementary school! Is she already retired? Doesn't the body know how good? Although she hasn't seen her for a long time, her sweet smile, her teachings. So that I can never forget.
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