My TE is addition story by playerhot

My TE is addition story. Superstar dev, drafted him 7 or 8 years ago and
he's about a 90 all-embracing cheap nfl 18 coins now. Huge, communicable TE, actual agnate to
Kelce, which is who I was replacing.

I've apparent a few 88 acceleration TEs, and those are about the best as
they still absorb acceptable acceleration as it declines.Interesting that a lot
of are adeptness backs And absorbing that there's none with crazy acceleration
like 96.

From a lot of humans I allocution to about the bold they accept to like
acceleration added to cheese runs alfresco and run accomplished anybody on

But I acquisition trucking and annealed arm breaking tackles so abundant
added reliable and don't get pancaked to the arena as anon as you're affected
like the abate acceleration guys.

I agree, I anticipate trucking is way added acceptable madden nfl 18 coins than outrunning
everyone.My RB has 84 acceleration but already he break a aperture and trucks a
apostle he will outrun anybody abroad on the field of MUT Coins. BY playerhot now... well done, so thanks!

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