The Indian luxury market is soon going to wheel hub bearings

The Indian luxury market is soon going to wheel hub bearings witness another entrant which is BMW X5. It is a luxury crossover SUV which was introduced in 1999 which will now be launched in India in the last week of September. In the UK, the BMW X5 is also called the Four-by-Four. This model of BMW has got all wheel drive and automatic transmission.
Popularly, the BMW X5 is being called the Sport Activity Vehicle instead of SUV. The X5 heralded the shift from truck-based body-on-frame SUVs to sedan-based crossovers like the Lexus RX300 and Mercedes M-Class. Since the time of its launch, the car sales have been constantly increasing. In the year 2009, more than 27,000 cars were sold in the US itself. The car has received a lot of success in the international markets.
Until 2009, all the BMW X5s were manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Since July 2009, they are also assembled in Kaliningrad, Russia by Avtotor. BMW launched the smaller X3 in 2003. It uses the X prefix for the 4 wheel drive system or BMW ‘X’ drive system and the BMW SAVs which were derivatives of the BMW number-series models. The five-door BMW X5 has got a front engine and four wheel drive. BMW plans to introduce the new X5 on September 21 at their Gurgaon plant.
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