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Stock up , stock down after Bears-Ravens There was some actual NFL football last night.No, it wasn’t all pretty. No, none of the important starters saw any action. But it was still a football game and for hardcore fans that have missed it, it is back.After a couple weeks of intrasquad practices, players got to suit up and hit a different opponent for a change. peek at which players helped themselves and which ones may have hurt their chances to make an impact or even make the team, come September.Stock upJavon Wins, WR - Wims, whose had some buzz in camp, has suddenly become the darling of the preseason after his 7-catch, 89 yard performance Thursday night. I questioned on Twitter why it took until the second half of the Hall of Fame game for him to see action, that seems like a red flag, but it’s promising nonetheless for a seventh round pick.Isaiah Irving , LB - Irving has been on the radar of some fans and members of our staff here at WCG and last night, he showed some flashes of why that is. He had a strip-sack called back because he was offside, only just (he was in the midst of getting back) but later had another sack and a QB hit. His sack came while he was unblocked, but he still finished the play that was there for him. A good game for a pass rusher on a defense with a need at that position.DeAndre Houston-Carson, DB - The defensive back group, which still had some lingering questions heading into camp, has suddenly, possibly turned into a bright spot. Houston-Carson showed he could be a really nice depth piece, notching an interception on a deflected ball and four tackles. He was in the right place and provides depth at a crowded position group behind Kyle Fuller, Prince Amukamara and Bryce Callahan.Stock downChase Daniel, QB - It was already well known that if Mitchell Trubisky goes down the Bears are screwed but Daniel did nothing to even temper that slightly. He completed 50 percent of his passes, threw two picks, one which dinged off his guard’s helmet and had another pass or two batted down. I didn’t have high expectations , but for a QB that’s been around the league for 10 years and is familiar with the offense, I hoped he could’ve picked apart second and third stringers more easily.Bradley Sowell, OT - I am far from an OL expert but the reviews from all over panned the veteran swing tackle. The Bears need to hope Charles Leno stays healthy because Sowell looked really lost out there. Ryan Pace should be looking for a veteran OL in cuts. It was not good. Bennie Fowler, WR - Even with spotty QB play, Fowler had some easy drops. ESPN had his with four targets but just two catches. One of his drops was a perfectly placed ball in the chest in the endzone from Daniel and he just dropped it. Next time, let’s see Wims get Fowler’s snaps.Who stuck out to you? Who would you like to see more of next week?Bears players react to the Khalil Mack trade By now, the dust has settled on the Bears’ trade for Khalil Mack. What was initial shock has evolved into beaming acceptance. What hasn’t changed and will likely take time to get used to, is the excitement that’s bubbling over. It’s not only Bears fans that are ecstatic about the superstar pass rusher’s addition. Bears players themselves had to show their outward giddiness with Chicago pushing it’s chips in on Mack. When you tell your players it’s time to win by making such a bold move, they’ll always respond perfectly in kind. It’s how you galvanize a budding, young locker room. Here’s how several Bears reacted on Twitter to Mack being acquired by Chicago.Bears left tackle Charles Leno Jr. did what likely many across Chicagoland did yesterday: listened to Mark Morrison’s famed classic, “Return of the Mack.”Leno has some real moves, you have to admit. Linebacker Danny Trevathan showed that he sheepishly smiled as soon as he heard about Mack as a Bear. Someone’s job at inside linebacker just became that much easier. Meanwhile, Tarik Cohen said it all. The small running back only has to worry about Mack in practice. Another Bears defender , cornerback Prince Amukamara, couldn’t resist kicking Raiders quarterback Derek Carr while he was already down. Maybe Amukamara’s goal of 10 interceptions in 2018 doesn’t seem unrealistic with Mack’s added pass pressure.Backup quarterback Chase Daniel had the most formal and informal welcome for Mack. A man that’s been in Kansas City and seen what Mack is capable of as a defender. Taylor Gabriel was the one Bear that became the most emotional publicly, well after the Mack trade was announced in the early morning. This is the reaction of a player who knows his team is about to potentially embark on something special. You better believe Gabriel is thinking big.Finally, the Bears’ offensive mainstay in the quiet Jordan Howard, well ... he hung out with none other than Kanye West.That’s the biggest smile anyone has ever seen on “J-How.”Needless to say, the trade for Mack makes the Bears relevant again. More importantly, it takes a rising Bears squad and lets them know that the No. 1 goal of their mission is to go trophy hunting. And they’re undoubtedly prepared for that lofty objective. Robert is an editor, writer, and producer for Windy City Gridiron, The Rock River Times, The Athletic Chicago, and a host of other fine publications. You can follow him on Twitter @RobertZeglinski and reach him by email at
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