UGG Boots 2018 Black Friday Sale

The worst decade in fashion was none other than the UGG Boots Black Friday Sale, years and years of horrendous outfits paired with the ubiquitous big-foot like shoe – the Uggs. Winter, summer, nobody gave a shit, they were wearing Uggs with mini denim skirts and blue eyeshadow. Then fashion grew out of this teenage phase and became slightly sophisticated, which of course was incompatible with the ugly and slob Uggs. They became a huge faux pas.

We know the Classic silhouette isn’t for everyone – and UGG Slippers Black Friday Sale know it too. They’ve released a whole new range of leather and suede boots to see you snuggly through the season, whatever your taste. Check out the biker-inspired UGG Wilcox, the Bonham Chelsea boots or the woolly Western UGG Chyler, and allow your feet a whole new world of comfort they never would have known.

Okay, so we all know the classic UGG Slides Black Friday Sale and probably own a pair, right? But, over the last couple of years, Ugg has really stepped it up with their “fashion” boots. When I picked up these pretty knee-high boots while browsing through the Nordstrom shoe department I was shocked they were Ugg. The leather braided stitch on the side is so pretty. However, the gorgeous mahogany color is what sold me.
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