Working principle of vacuum sintering furnace


We introduced vacuum oil quenching furnace and gas quenching furnace, today we introduce vacuum sintering furnace.


Vacuum sintering furnace is a kind of furnace for protecting and sintering the heated articles in a vacuum environment. Vacuum induction furnace is a kind of furnace, which can be divided into frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency, and can be classified as a subclass of vacuum sintering furnace. Vacuum induction sintering furnace is a complete set of equipment for sintering cemented carbide tool head and various metal powder compactor under the condition of vacuum or protective atmosphere by using medium frequency induction heating. It is designed for industrial production of cemented carbide, dysprosium metal and ceramic materials. VSWF vacuum induction tungsten sintering hydrogen furnace


One, the main principle and use vacuum induction furnace tungsten is after vacuum filling hydrogen protection condition, by using the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating, make the tungsten crucible within the coil produces high temperature, by heat conduction to work on, suitable for scientific research, military units for hard metal such as tungsten, molybdenum and its alloy powder sintering molding.

vacuum sintering furnace advantages

2. The main structure and composition are mostly vertical, and the material is as bright as a diamond. I don't know when I found myself drifting in the juvenile way. Its main components are: electric furnace body, vacuum system, water cooling system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, feed and discharge mechanism, base, work table, induction heating device (tungsten heating body and advanced insulation materials), electrical input device, medium frequency power supply and electrical control system, etc.

pressure sintering furnace what are the advantages

The main function is to fill the hydrogen gas to protect the gas after vacuuming, and to control the sintering state of pressure and atmosphere in the furnace. Available optical fiber infrared radiation thermometer and armoured thermocouple temperature measurement (0 ~ 2500 ℃), and through the intelligent temperature control compared with programmed bright as diamonds. I do not know when I found that I could not help landing in the juvenile, the implementation of state feedback to the medium frequency power, automatic control of the temperature of the high and low and heat preservation procedures.

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