Now that book I put it in the book corner of

Now that book I put it in the book corner of the class, I enthusiastically recommend it to the students, I hope more people will find it. I don't know if you have noticed that there is a radiant sun in the upper right corner of the cover of the book. I painted it with colored pencils. I think this book is everyone's growing sun.yground is still there Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the azaleas are still there, the old banyan tree is still there, the book is still there, and my confusion, my depressioTime flies, it��s really fast, I��m going to graduate from elementary school. When I think about entering the school, I feel as if I was in yesterday. In this school, we spent a lot of time together, happy and disappointed, laughing. There are also flaws. In the near future, I will take the small door of elementary school and step into junior high school Newport 100S. I have not said a lot of things. I am not ignorant. I am more afraid of it. I am afraid that you will not be sensible and afraid of others. Laughing at my childishness Newport Cigarettes, I am afraid that my literary and literature is not good, and my ability to express is poor, but these words I have to say today, because today I am no longer afraid of this.I want to say that I should write a letter to you at this time and say to you: Sorry. Please forgive me, forgive my childishness and self-willedness, forgive my deliberate mischief, but pretend that it must be taken for granted, forgive me for being self-satisfied, not having a good text, but finding so many excuses to avoid mistakes. Please forgive your students, ok? want to say that you are not really angry. Those who blame are all in order to allow us naughty students to learn more during class and to be proud of their family in the future. ? want to say that in our disobedient children, you have devoted too much effort and energy, and I am only one of your many students, unknown. Maybe in a few years, we will meet on the street. At that time, you probably won��t recognize me, no matter how long it will take Marlboro Gold Pack, I will always remember you, dear X teacher, you will believe Marlboro Gold, yes ?ant to say, Teacher X, I know that in your eyes, maybe I am not a "good boy" with excellent results. Maybe I will never be a student that you can be proud of, but it does not hinder I said something to you from the heart: Thank you, Teacher X, you will always be my mentor and friend, isn't it? n has already drifted with the wind, thank you, let me find this valuable strength.
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