In the twinkling of an eye, my elementa

In the twinkling of an eye, my elementary school life is coming to an end. I have grown up from a ignorant young boy to a young boy. The experience of six years has been sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. There are many and many things worth cherishing. And aftertaste.ber that most of my classmates didn't know when I first entered school Marlboro Gold Pack. At first, I even remembered my name. In this strange environment, I also made a lot of jokes. I remember that once I went to school, I was going to be late. I rushed to the teaching building and I didn��t care to see the sign on the door. Hey, when you look into the classroom door, you can be dumbfounded, the teacher---unfamiliar face! Classmates---unfamiliar faces! The same strange look at me, my head is big when I am on, bad! I am going to the wrong classroom! I wandered openly and fled to the door... The enthusiasm is still fresh in my memory today.oe to literary prose, narrative, and Tang poetry, I once listened to Zhang��s poetic and artistic interpretation in the world of language, and realized the unique artistic conception of literature; from the simple Arabic numerals of 123 to the one-dimensional equation of xy, I I also fell in love with Zhu��s progressive thinking in math class. Gradually, I liked this kind of preaching and confusing learning life. In the constant back, writing, and calculation, we have undergone many tests and trainings. Finally, I ushered in the midterm exam of the final school year. I am not nervous at the time of the county's unified examination. On the contrary, there is an excitement. Feeling, because I have done enough preparations, when I got the papers, my mind was very solid, a string of numbers, a line of text, and I continued to flow from my pen to the papers. I also really realized that Volume, the pen has the deep meaning of the god, understands the meaning of "plum blossoms come from bitter cold"y our virginity. The most memorable memory is a tug-of-war competition. After screening, we finally became the final competitors in one shift and two shifts. The long rope was tied with a bright red ribbon Marlboro Lights, and the two small players on both sides of the white line all looked good. Oh, it��s enough. Fortunately, I was one of them. I only heard the "beep" and the game started. I held my hands tightly on the ropes and my friends shouted to make the milking force pull to my side Marlboro Red 100S. Next to the cheerleading team. It was even more lively, shaking his hand and almost shouting his throat Carton Of Newports. In the sound of "refueling, refueling, refueling...", our morale is even stronger Newport 100S. After several dangerous battles, the red ribbon has finally moved to our side. We only listened to "plop" and we all fell in a row. No pain, we immediately picked it up and shouted: "We won!" "We won!"...
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