A Guide to Write a Good Essay

We all were students once and have experienced different aspects of life, such as reading books on a train or bus, having fun, and continuously arranging everything for a class. It was exciting and strenuous at the same time.

With all the exciting and challenging academic challenging tasks, writing an essay usually seems a dreaded task. Whether the essay is for your class, scholarship, or even a contest, many students often find essay writing an overwhelming task.

While writing an essay is a lengthy task, every teacher gives out assignments at the end of the day; hence, they get overburdened. To lessen this burden, students go for cheap essay writing help to attain good marks and spend their other time revising exams.

Considering professional writers help can save students from the unhealthy restless nights and late submissions, moreover awful grades. However, some students prefer doing their work on their own instead of relying on any help.

In this article guide, we will be discussing some of the crucial steps of writing a good essay; however, before doing this, we will look into some of the benefits of essay writing.

1.    Helps in Learning

Writing can improve productivity, so writing in own words can also enhance learning skills. Through writing, the information received helps gather and assimilate the knowledge that might you can forget soon.

2.    Recovers Memory

A specific phrase or word that comes to your mind or put down on paper can trigger some memory. Few memories won’t be pleasant; however, students can look at those memories, put them in perspective and consider how much they have learned from those memories and experiences.

3. Enables Students to Be Productive

Writing arouses neurons in the brain and nurtures them to overcome all of the tasks. Students can use writing as a warm-up activity at the start of the day.

Moreover, writing down tasks with appropriate work can prepare students to comprehend. Now, when it’s demonstrated well and can enhance the possibilities of achieving them considerably.

4. Enhances Written and Verbal Skills

When a student writes something, they become more careful in selecting the right words. It means they write more concisely, elegantly, and fluently.

But, if they keep doing this same way, they start using an expanded vocabulary to better impression others. They can undoubtedly benefit from the writing in their both personal and professional lives.

5. Allows Communication

When people write something, they look for more refined phrases, expressions, and words to express their thoughts. It helps them develop a structure that allows them to show themselves better and efficiently communicate complex ideas.

Student life is a beautiful mixture of depressed, happy, and meaningful experiences. However, academic life is about preparing students to withstand life challenges in the future.

In this journey, students need to do numerous assessment tests and assignments that also include essays. It can also help them polish their skill set. For this purpose, the task of essay writing has been in renown since forever.

In this situation, students usually have the time to write a great essay, although it doesn’t always work out this way. There will always be times when students must write an essay anxiously and quickly due to strict deadlines imposed by a teacher or being so busy that they end up until the last minute.

Then they choose professional writers to meet the strict deadlines and deliver their work on time.

Steps To Write a Good Essay

It is possible to compose a good piece of work even when very pushed for time, and in this guide, we will discuss the steps that can help students write a good essay.

1. Comprehend the Right Mindset

As a student, before you start writing an essay, it is significant to get yourself into the right mindset. You may experience frustration and stress as you often have no enough time, or due to a lack of good writing skills, you can’t do it.

Students may also feel crushed before they began. To write a good essay, students first need to banish their negative feelings.

It is crucial to be positive, so try to relish the challenges. Give yourself a pep talk, and keep the end goal in mind. It is the best way to do a great job and impress your teacher.

So, take a breath, stay calm, and start working on your essay systematically and logically. But at times, students find it challenging to compose a good piece of writing; therefore, they go for expert writers.

2. Choose a Topic

You have set up your mind to write an essay; now it’s time to choose relevant writing topics. Start by brainstorming, be calm and begin with a free flow of views and put down ideas.

Narrow down your focus and select an engaging topic, depending on the type of essay and purpose, so that you can compose a leading essay. It usually seems complicated to find an essay topic, ask teachers for assistance, and you need to defend with appropriate sources.

You can also get in touch with cheap essay writing to help service providers as some students find essay writing a difficult task. Therefore, they prefer taking professional writers assistance to compose good pieces of writing.

3. Create an Outline

Now you have selected a topic; it’s time to create your essay outline. Write down your essay topic in the middle of your page, start brainstorming and write the main ideas. From the main ideas, jot down more ideas and include your thoughts. An expert writer always knows how to compose a good piece of writing and understand the audience before starting the arguments.

Another way is to compose a simple outline. Jot down your topic at the top of the page, separate the essay into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. For a six-paragraph essay, have an introduction, at least four main ideas, and a conclusion.

Leave spaces under every idea allow you to list smaller ideas supporting the main idea. In this way, a student can write a more organized essay.

4. Sample of the Outline

In the introductory paragraph, write your thesis statement that shows your essay's point and your topic's focus.

In the central body part, write the statistics and information on the subject, discuss your thesis statement appropriately. Research the topic and mention the relevant data (if any).

The conclusion paragraph is the one in which we sum up things and never add something new. In the conclusion paragraph, restate your thesis statement and support arguments. Your conclusion must leave a strong impression on your audience.

Moreover, to write or understand the sample of your essay's outline, you can take assistance from professional experts to write an excellent essay.

5. Composing a Strong Thesis Statement

You have already decided on your topic and the paper outline; now it is the time to begin writing your essay. Start it by creating a solid thesis statement that should tell your reader the aim of your essay. Read your outline to help you do a suitable thesis.

The thesis statement must state the topic and the main idea of your essay. The single statement should carry the overall response to the problem. Write the thesis statement in the first paragraph, then ensure to refer to it multiple times within the essay to restate it in your conclusion.

6. The Introductory Paragraph

When you are done creating your thesis statement, now write an introductory paragraph. Ensure that your introduction must be fascinating enough to grab the attention of the readers.

Begin with a question or hook; you can use dialogue, story, a quote, shocking revelation, or atopic summary. Make sure that the way you start your introduction must connect with the thesis statement.

7. The Body Paragraph of Your Essay

It is the part of the essay in which a student explains, describes, or argues the topic. The main thoughts you write on your outline become separate paragraphs.

Every paragraph carries the main idea. The paragraph begins with an opening sentence that holds the main idea.   Don’t forget to add citations to every reference material used. Direct quotes that you use must be cited using the needed format style.

8. Conclusion of the Essay

In conclusion, you must add the vital information that sums up your essay. The conclusion provides a chance to wind up your ideas and the topic. Make it short but engaging; write three to five sentences.

It is crucial not to add new information or introduce any new ideas at the conclusion. In conclusion, you need to summarize your prior arguments. It is a chance to restate your thesis statement and once again support your standpoint.

9. Turn off Your Smartphones and Social Media

Smartphone and social media are usually considered as the distraction when you do any academic work. It is crucial when you write an essay to turn off your phone or social networks.

Procrastination is not an option at the stage where the deadline is near, and you need to compose an excellent essay. Therefore, it is a time to restrict yourself from your phone and other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and anything else you think can distract you.

 1. Don’t Copy Paste

Internet is full of resources that probably match with what you are going to write. When you are in a rush, there can be a robust temptation to copy and paste the valuable resources and paragraphs into your essay.

Plagiarism is not only immoral, yet it also means that you don’t learn the topic in-depth. The entire point of writing an essay is to consolidate what you have learned and prepared you effectively for future exams.

Teachers can use Turnitin and Google, and if they suspect that copied work by someone or internet, all they require to do is type your work in Google, and they can immediately find from where you got it from.

It is usually easy to spot copied content as the style can differ from the rest of the essay. It is not considered as worth the risk. In this way, students can also lose your teacher’s trust, and they might lose significant marks in their essay writing task.

Thus, students can also go for expert writers to submit plagiarism-free and 100% original content to gain excellent marks as a result.

2. Take a Break Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed

It is usually frustrating when you have a deadline on your head. So, it is always best to take short breaks from time to time to stop running your energy and keep you focused in such cases.

For instance, you have only two hours to write an essay; it is always best to take a break for five minutes after working for an hour. Like, if you are working competently and don’t feel you need a break. Then work instantly straight through and benefit from your wave of productivity for as long as it lasts.8

3. Don’t Over-quote

Students' common practice is that they use too many quotes or very long passages from other people (sources, scholars, and so on) to boost the word count and lessen the amount of writing they have to do. As a student, you need to avoid this practice. It is considered a transparent technique and shows that you have not mastered the subject yourself.

Thus, you have an option to hide behind the words of others. The majority of the content of your essay must be your own. It is good to use short quotes, but many long quotes that can take up much of your essay are not.

Usually, students don’t have good writing skills, and they over-quote their essay; for this purpose, students can choose cheap essay writing help services to compose a good piece of writing.

4. Editing the First Draft

Before considering the first draft as a finished essay, do the editing. Check the overall structure of your essay and ensure correcting the format that is used. Make sure that the significant points appear first, and at the end, within the body of the essay, the others can be fixed in the main body paragraphs.

Read and reread your essay to ensure the sentences are making sense and the flow of the paragraphs is smooth. Check the grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Moreover, make necessary changes and corrections if needed.

Remove irrelevant parts and enhance expressions by changing the vocabulary. Make sure to meet the word count. Afterward, write up your final draft and submit it to meet the deadlines effectively.

Besides, multiple writing services also offer assistance of editing and proofreading the content; students can also consider their assistance.

5. Cite Your Essay Carefully

If you have used references and a bibliography in your essay, it is essential to cite them carefully. Each time you quote someone, add an annotation saying where you have taken the quote or reference from and simultaneously copy and paste the book's information into a bibliography at the end of your document in the reference section.

Often, cheap writing experts use citations carefully to deliver the original content to the students.

Why Consider Cheap Essay Writing Help?

Essay writing is usually a tough challenge for students. It seems tiring to them, especially when dealing with several things at once, such as academic and professional responsibilities.

So, it is always a good idea to consider expert p in such a situation. The experts offer leading writing services to the students to assist them in writing an excellent essay. Students can contact academic writing experts easily online.


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