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Bone naturally takes up to 12 weeks to heal and many people are left in slings, or needing crutches to help them recover. But, until now, scientists had stumbled across various obstacles in using it to mend bones.The new adhesive, yet to be named, is 55 per cent stronger than similar ones used already by dentists to fix broken teeth.Further studies are needed to confirm it works in humans, but experts at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm are hopeful.Swedish researchers claim it could help millions of patients with osteoporosis, a condition that makes them prone to fractures.
The results of the experiment into using glue to fix the bones of several rats were published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.Speaking about the breakthrough, lead researcher Professor Michael Malkoch said that they have finally managed to identify a surgically realizable adhesive to fix bone fractures.Laboratory trials, on rat bones, showed that the adhesive would work in five minutes.And Professor Malkoch argued the Royal Institute of Technologys creation has none of the other problems encountered previously.The glue uses the same reliable bonding technique used in dentistry, known grain grinding machine factory as thiol-ene coupling, or TEC.In a new development, glue that could fix broken bones in a matter of minutes has been developed by scientists.Dentists have used glues to fix broken teeth for years.
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