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The integrated wall is an energy-saving decorative material that is highly recommended by the country because of its excellent insulation and heat insulation. For example, the temperature of the room where the outdoor gazebo singapore diy integrated wall is installed is different from the temperature of the common room by 7 degrees, which is a difference of 10 degrees from the paint. This material is particularly suitable for the summer in the south and the winter in the north. Secondly, the heat insulation effect of the integrated wall surface is very good, which completely solves the problem of direct sunlight from the top floor of the villa or wood floor market dubai police the sun room. The integrated wall sound insulation is also very good. It can be compared with a solid wall.

Its sound insulation can reach 29 decibels, and it can significantly improve the problem of flushing the sewer in life. Secondly, the integrated wall can also effectively prevent fire, basically meeting the fire protection requirements of the project. The moisture resistance of the integrated best wood for deck construction wall is also very good, especially suitable for wet weather in the south.

At the same time, the materials used to integrate the walls are all environmentally friendly materials, so the installed homes do not have a taste, and when they are installed, they can be accommodated, which saves people time. The integrated wall surface adopts the traditional buckle plate installation method, which saves time and effort. Installed directly on the rough wall, but also does not require professional people to construction, as long as ordinary woodworking wood panels for patio floor masters can be installed.

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